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How Can I Create Strong Backlinks to My Website?
How Can I Create Strong Backlinks to My Website?

How Can I Create Strong Backlinks to My Website?

For the search engines, backlinks are the most important ranking signal. When it comes to improving your SERPs, backlinks are critical. Backlinks are essentially sites that point to your website.

The quality of the backlinks is important. Google doesn’t just consider the number of backlinks pointing to your site, it considers the quality of each backlink. So how do you build quality backlinks?

Our web design Warrington team shares some excellent ideas.

Guest Blogging

This is a highly effective strategy. When you publish articles on other well-known sites, you put your brand in front of a new audience and gain a lot of exposure. Not only do you gain a backlink, but you get to improve your online reputation and even social media followers.

Leverage your relationships to reach out to newer audiences. But where do you post your guest blogs? Here is a great way to find sites that accept guest posts.

Visit Google and type in any one of the following search query combinations:

Your target keyword + guest posts

Your target keyword + bloggers needed

Your target keyword + become an author

Your target keyword + accepting guest blogs

Your target keyword + submit an article

Reach out to them with a high quality guest post and see your backlinks surge. If you can’t find the time to write high quality posts, your web design Warrington agency can help.


This is a simple and easy way to generate quality backlinks to y our website. Write testimonials for products/services you use. It would hardly take a few minutes, and you end up with a top quality backlink from an authority website.


This is a highly popular method for building super quality backlinks that also generates some stellar traffic to your site. Infographics are so popular because they are super easy to understand and equally easy to share.

An infographic is also a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your audience and establish your expertise.

You can hire your web design Warrington agency to design high quality infographics or if you have the time and the inclination, do it yourself. But that’s a long route involving a lot of experimenting and a huge learning curve.

Canva is a wonderful graphic design tool you can use to create some stunning infographics.


Earning high quality backlinks can become a huge challenge. But don’t let that put you off or lead you in the wrong direction. Use the right link building methods and you are sure to succeed.

Need help building backlinks to your site? Our web design Warrington agency can help. We have a huge team of SEO experts who will work with you to craft a bespoke SEO strategy for you. Contact us today for more information.



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