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Brochure Website Design

Brochure websites are suited to clients who do not sell a product, but instead sell a service. The idea of a brochure website is to be able to advertise who you are and what you offer. Every company should have a website in the 21st century but which type depends on the business.

We aim to understand your business objectives, your demographic and purpose, to allow us to work hard to deliver a brochure website that reflects the right message for your business and brand. Our Warrington web designers recommends a bespoke brochure website to any service based business to ensure that you are visible to potential and existing clients.

Professional Design and Content

What can be achieved with a Brochure Website

A brochure website is an illustration of your business but online for your customers to view day and night at their own leisure. It should be stunning to look at, whilst still informative to ensure that users understand your business and what you offer even when your not available to speak to them. A brochure website is a powerful lead generation tool, if done right and can set the tone for your customers experience from the beginning.

You can provide as much or little detail as possible to a prospective client via your website, this can mean they will contact you for more information. Or if you have provided extensive information then your potential clients know you are the right fit for them

The right agency

Whilst we are not limited to a certain size of website, we do focus more on designs features and styling. This means that your website would be full of high end animations and call to actions like our own. We feel these extra details help any website stand out against the crowd and make your potential clients experience more memorable to ensure its you they choose to work with.

Brand Identity

We’ve worked with several businesses who wanted a unique brand identity to set them apart from their competitors and have developed entire brand identities for those clients from logo, to websites and marketing. Our focus is to ensure websites showcase a businesses Unique Selling Points, which sets them up with a identity that translates throughout their entire service.

Increase Presence

Once we have created the visuals our focuse then changes to getting your website seen. We will ensure the website is setup to work with Search Engines and we will create a strategy to ensure your website can be found within the top five Google listings within 6 months of launch. Our experineced marketing team will handle everything from content development to styling.

Our Process

Put simply we take care of everything. Working with an established agency has amazing perks that we have every professional under one roof and they all work together to create your brand and website.

On instruction we will undertake a full competitor review, this allows us to know what your competitor does and what your website needs to do, to not only match them, but be better than them.

The team will create the website using a team collaborative approach meaning all departments work in tandem with each other. The ensures that your design, content and marketing all works in unison and is future proof.

Our process for brochure website design

Measure Your Results

As part of our process we ensure that we continue to monitor your websites performance. We will review heat maps to see where your clients are going on the website and what is and isn’t working for them. This is a great method of analysis which allows us to make ongoing alternations to your website to ensure the maximum conversion is achieved.

We will also use Google Analytics to see what your customers are searching for and how often they visit your site. This means that you can easily change and adapt your site to accommodate what your customers will react positively to, resulting in a higher number of traffic to your site and an increase customer conversion

Brochure websites

How we bill our clients

We work strictly on retainer contracts of a minimum of 12 months. We do this as we are not only producing a website, we are also producing a brand and creating a Marketing and PR Strategy to go along with the website. To analyse any website, you need time to gather data and make improvements and the 12 months allows us to do this. Within the 12 months will be adding content, links, issuing Press Releases along with making regular changes to the website in line with the findings from the heat mapping and Google Analytics. Please note our minimum monthly retainers for a brochure website start at £1200.00 inc VAT

For more information please take a read our Instruction page.

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