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Six Ways To Plan A Black Friday Promotion That Gives Long-Term Results

Six Ways To Plan A Black Friday Promotion That Gives Long-Term Results

When lockdown restrictions prevented people from going out to shop during the holidays, there was a huge surge in online shopping. Though consumers couldn’t enjoy the physical shopping experience, they didn’t want to miss the exciting Black Friday deals. So, people flocked to the online stores.

It is likely that though many stores are opening now, a lot of people will still look for deals online. If you are thinking of boosting sales during Black Friday and obtaining loyal customers for life, you need to have some effective strategies.

Check out these six methods our team at Warrington Web Deisgn have put together for planning a Black Friday, which can bring excellent long-term results.

Make your promotions personal.

All businesses are trying to sell their products and so they are doing different things to grab consumers’ attention. If you promote your Black Friday deals in general, potential customers may not find it interesting.

So, provide useful information and tips about any particular product when promoting it. You can also include additional details about the items that would grab customers’ attention.

It will also help to know what inspires people to buy. Looking at the surveys, people like to buy things for themselves and also gifts for loved ones.

Stretch Your Promotion

Focusing only on Black Friday sales will bring back great returns. But you may also have only one-time customers. So, when promoting your deals for the holiday season, extend the campaign, try to make it last.

Provide special discounts on some particular items for a limited period of time. Give the offers, even if small on items that most people want to buy. Everyone wants to get offers, so that it will be a useful strategy. You will notice customers coming back to shop again and again when you offer amazing deals.

Engage potential customers through messages

People look for great deals and also want to save as much as possible during the holidays. You can send emails with information about the deals.

You can also offer a gift for signing up on your newsletter or a £10 off on your next purchase within a specific time. Keep your customers engaged so that they also stay interested and return to shop again.

Promote Referrals

Providing discounts and gifts for referring your products, deals and business to friends and family can be beneficial too. It will make customers interested and potential clientele will also start trusting your company.

Goods Packages

Create packages with items that people like and provide discounts on them. People like to buy a bunch of things at once and save big. Hence, if you offer bundles at discount rates, customers are sure to feel excited and they will rush to grab the deals.

Offer a considerable sum of discount of at least £20 so that customers get drawn to shop at your store more.

Get your supply chain and delivery system ready.

Consumers want to receive their packages as early as possible. So, take care of the issue at the earliest and when the time comes, make sure to have the products on stock and deliver them as soon as possible.

Surveys suggest that customers lose interest to shop from a particular place if delivery is slow. So, if you want customers for the long term, ensure that the packages reach on time.

Final Word

Though they may seem unimportant, following these simple steps can be beneficial. They may help increase sales and garner customers for a lifetime and not only once or twice.



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