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Six Social Media Tips to Help You Increase Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Six Social Media Tips to Help You Increase Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

This coming holiday season is expected to see a rise in online shopping across all products. So, what better time than to boost your sales?

If there is one way to attract customers’ attention, social media platforms are the perfect places.  But with plenty of businesses advertising, it is essential to have effective strategies to make consumers interested.

At Warrington Web Design, our expert marketing team have given their tips which can come in handy to boost your sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Update and Brush Up Your Social Media Profiles

Everyone notices something new and different. So, when you get ready to advertise your business, update your profiles across other platforms.

You can tweet or make a Facebook post mentioning the exciting details about the upcoming sales. You can also change your cover photo, call-to-action button and bio. Customers will become more interested when they see that you have brushed up your business information.

Create a feeling of urgency

Most consumers think they may miss some great deals, especially if they notice words and phrases that give a sense of urgency.

So, when you put up an ad, include some words that push towards urgency, such as “hurry,” “now,” “today,” “limited quantity,” “save big,” etc. However, you must not overdo it because customers may also become disinterested if you push the agenda incessantly.

Build impressive and effective gift guides for target customers

Everybody likes to give gifts to their loved ones. However, many people do not have much idea about choosing the perfect gifts for a particular occasion.

Create and post gift ideas & guides on different platforms which your target customers frequent. The guides will be helpful for them, and they will be curious to check out your store and shop.

Research hashtag trends

Before choosing any hashtags for your sales promotions, conduct short research. Check out what your target customers might be looking for.

Go with hashtags that connect with your deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can include them on all the platforms where you plan to promote your sales.

Make social media posts that tug at people’s emotions

When you create content, make sure they connect with users on an emotional level. The posts should inspire them, make them hopeful, believe in good or make them happy.

The content should positively trigger their feelings so that your posts go viral and people notice them.

Organise and maintain a timetable for your posts

When it is about promoting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, timing is quite vital. Reaching the right target customers can be difficult if you miss the right timing to post your ads. Plan and make strategies in advance so that you can sell your products smoothly during the season. There are plenty of tools that can help you in scheduling social media posts.

Try to monitor your content on social media platforms and also make your presence felt. Though people get excited about discount offers, customer experience is equally important.  So, you can post updated and attention-grabbing content regularly and stay connected with your potential customers.



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