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Why WordPress Is Needed Now More Than Ever
Why WordPress Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Why WordPress Is Needed Now More Than Ever

WordPress is undoubtedly the most famous blogging software in the market. It has been around since 2003 and is still thriving in the web market. It is also starting to become the chosen content management software or CMS for all the non-blogging sites. To understand the reason behind its popularity, we will be digging into some of the main reasons why it is so. They are as follows:

Easy Usage

The first and foremost reason would be its user-friendly nature. WordPress also has an intuitive interface. You need to add new pages, pictures, and blog posts daily. Don’t fret since it is an easy job and doesn’t require time. Formatting is smooth, all thanks to today’s technology.

Website Management

Managing your site from any PC is super easy and convenient. WordPress is based on the browser. It is easily possible to log in from just about any PC with an internet connection and manage the website.

Non-Requirement of FTP Software & HTML Editing

The system of WordPress has a self-containing nature. It doesn’t require software for HTML editing like Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute. You can start creating a new blog post or page, upload pictures, format texts, upload documents, image galleries, video files, etc. You can do everything without needing FTP software or HTML editing.

Search Engines

WordPress has simple coding that allows search engines to start reading and indexing the content of your website. Moreover, it is possible for every page, image, and post to possess its title, meta tag keywords, and description. It is also optimised for particular keywords, enabling accurate optimisation of search engines. Plus, you can also utilise tags for furthering the improvement of your efforts in search engine optimisation.

Website Control

With WordPress, you don’t have to wait for the web designer to bring basic updates to the website. You can control just about every aspect of your website and bring those basic updates by yourself.

Customisable Website

WordPress is your website’s engine. You can fully customise the feel and appearance of your website. It allows your brand to fully shine on your website and offer a unique and fun experience to all visitors.

Blogging Capabilities

WordPress was primarily built as a platform for blogging. It naturally possesses blogging capabilities and is simple to incorporate. You can easily set up commenting capabilities, email subscriptions/RSS to your blog, and automatically insert the newest blog posts to the website’s other pages. It also helps you in extending the reach of your company and ensuring that your website is interactive and dynamic.


WordPress also extends your website’s functionality using plugins. Through plugins, you can add a video gallery, Facebook fan box, event calendar, and Twitter feed. Plus, they come with an affordable price tag or are even free.

Business Expansion

When your business starts to grow, your website will also grow. The websites of WordPress are quite scalable. Your website performance won’t be compromised even when you have 100s of 1000s of pages and blog posts present on your website.

Numerous Users

As the administrator of the WordPress website, you can start setting up numerous users for the site and also assign capabilities and access levels to every user.



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