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Why is Organic Traffic the Best Kind of Traffic?
Why is Organic Traffic the Best Kind of Traffic?

Why is Organic Traffic the Best Kind of Traffic?

Online marketing is currently being dominated by the phenomena of SEO Warrington marketing. SEO is the practice of improving a website’s ranking amongst organic search engine results.

This can be achieved through many different SEO practices such as content marketing, link building and much more. The traffic generated is referred to as ‘organic traffic’, as the visitors and page views are still deemed natural.

Non organic traffic comes as a result of Google advertisement and other forms of online advertisements.

As time has gone on, focus has become more and more centred around organic results rather than paid, Warrington Web Design are here to tell you why this shift has occurred and why organic traffic reigns number one.

Real Traffic

Sometimes in paid traffic, you will get clicks from other sources such as automated machines and bots. As an example, in PPC some people may use software to increase their click in an attempt of earning more and more.

This is not human traffic, and it will effectively have no conversion and will affect your conversion rate.

When it comes to increasing awareness amongst search engines and creating conversions, SEO Warrington marketing reigns supreme.

Permanent Ranking

The problem with non organic, sponsored marketing is that it is exactly that- sponsored. It all depends on the amount of money you are willing to funnel into your PPC campaign. The moment you stop funding your PPC campaign, the traffic will dry up.

Organic traffic is a longer term solution to marketing, the end result is a lot more worthwhile as it does not depend on constant investment.

As a company that specialises in online marketing, more of our attention is focused on developing the presence of clients’ online presences through SEO Warrington marketing as opposed to PPC methods.

People Don’t Pay Attention to Sponsored Links

Now obviously we are not saying entirely that people do not use sponsored links, but the majority of internet users do in fact prefer to use organic search engine results instead of paid results.

According to studies, nine out of ten time a search engine user will click on organic results instead of paid results.

In fact, in the majority of instances search engine users will completely skip the sponsored links and move onto organic results.

Because of this, our main focus is on SEO Warrington and achieving organic traffic.

Cost Effective Marketing

Organic traffic does not cost as much as it is not achieved through sponsored advertising. You can create organic traffic without spending a penny if you are committed to running your own content marketing strategy.

If you do not want to haemorrhage cash into a PPC campaign, invest your time and money into SEO Warrington.

Speak to Your SEO Warrington Agency Today

If you are interested in improving the amount of organic traffic to your website, speak to your trusted SEO Warrington agency today. Warrington Web Design are here to help with plenty of content marketing strategies available to fit everyone’s needs and budgets.



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