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Why Does My Website Have to be Mobile Friendly?
Why Does My Website Have to be Mobile Friendly?

Why Does My Website Have to be Mobile Friendly?

In 2016, The Telegraph reported a landmark shift in Internet usage – websites were being accessed more on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than on desktops and laptops.

The number of people using mobile devices is only increasing, which means mobile browsing is not a temporary trend but the future of Internet.

It is in your interest to invest in a mobile-friendly website. Professional web design Warrington agencies have taken the plunge by making mobile-friendliness part of the design process.

Here are some compelling reasons to invest in a mobile-friendly website.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

In 2015, Google introduced an algorithm update, which took into account a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion.

Essentially, Google wants to help users with the best results for a search term.

So, if people are searching from their mobile devices, and a website does not render well on these devices, ranking the website high would be a waste no matter how relevant it is to the search term.

So, with a mobile-friendly design, you stand a better chance of ranking high on Google and other search engines.

Enhanced User Experience

Your mobile visitors expect a clean website that loads faster, and is easy to read, navigate and engage.

When confronted with a mobile-incompatible website that displays content awkwardly, and requires them to zoom in and out continuously to read and navigate, they will obviously be frustrated. It’s highly likely that they will leave your website and might never return.

Avoid such unpleasant experiences with a mobile-friendly design. A professional web design Warrington agency can develop a user-friendly website that provides a seamless experience on mobile devices.

Improve Conversions

You increase your chances of search engine visibility with a mobile-friendly website. This increases your reach, which in turn improves website visits.

By creating a good user experience with a mobile-friendly design, you encourage visitors to take the next step. Happy customers are more likely to take desired action and spread a good word about you.

You need not create a separate website for your mobile users. Your web design Warrington agency will create a mobile friendly website that will adjust itself to the size of the screen to offer a seamless experience across all devices.

Warrington Web Design Can Help

At Warrington Web Design, we have specialise in mobile friendly WordPress websites for small businesses. Our mobile-friendly websites have enabled businesses to stay ahead of the competition and reach out to their mobile audience. Contact us today to discuss your web design project.



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