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Why Does My Website Have to be Google Friendly?
Why Does My Website Have to be Google Friendly?

Why Does My Website Have to be Google Friendly?

Business owners are doing everything they can to leverage all kinds of digital marketing channels to increase revenues and reduce expenses. One high impact area, our web design Warrington team focus on, that’s most popular, is SEO.

A lot of businesses are focused on social media and content marketing and blatantly ignore technical considerations that are important to Google, Bing and other search engines. You can create the most viral content for your audience, share it on social networks and yet may not end up with some crucial results in Google and other major search engines.

Here are some reasons to build a Google friendly website.

Website Relevance

The URL structure plays a crucial role in ensuring that your website is relevant and crawlable. A lot of CMS platforms deliver permalink structures that are filled with irrelevant characters and unnecessary parameters.

Invest in a WordPress website designed by a professional web design Warrington agency. The permalinks in WordPress are SEO friendly right out of the box. Your agency can optimise permalinks further for best results.

When your URLs are optimised for the search engines, you stand a better chance of ranking and increasing your search engine visibility.

Avoid Spider Traps

It’s a common practice for websites to enable pop-ups without providing a link back to the homepage. This can cause a huge problem where your search results are concerned. This practice can trap the search engines in the pop-up without a way for them to navigate to any other part of your website. Moreover, search engines will show pop-up pages in the results pages, which can be a huge problem for your visitors when they land up in no-man’s land of your website.

So make sure your web design Warrington agency blocks pop-up windows in the robots.txt file or includes a no-follow tag in the pop-up’s code.

Good User Experience

Search engines love user friendly website. After all, they want to deliver the best experience to their users. In fact, user experience is an important signal that Google considers when ranking websites. Be sure to treat search engine spiders as well as your users with utmost respect and offer a stellar experience.

Here are some things you do to optimise your website’s user experience.

  • Hire lay-persons to perform some specific tasks on your website and gather their feedback.
  • Make use of your website’s analytics to assess if there’s any user-experience issue that’s affecting your site’s performance.
  • Make use of your on-site search data to determine what your visitors are looking for. Then, ensure that the most-internally-searched keywords have content that’s easy to find in your website’s structure.

Parting Thoughts

There you go. Those are some important benefits of having a Google friendly website. If you’re looking to build a visually appealing and Google friendly website, get in touch with Web Design Warrington today.



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