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Why Choose WordPress for Your Website?
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Why Choose WordPress for Your Website?

As a web design Warrington agency that builds nearly entirely exclusively in WordPress, we know better than anyone the endless list of benefits the CMS package can offer.

WordPress started with humble beginnings. Originally a CMS used for blogging purposes, the website has now become the go to choice for website owners of all description. Controlling around a quarter of the global marketplace when it comes to websites, it cannot be denied that WordPress is paving the way when it comes to web design Warrington.

So what Is making this CMS so popular?

It’s Free! 

Probably one of the greatest things about WordPress is the fact that it is free. Everyone is allowed to sign up for WordPress and download the software so that they can build their very own website.

Even if you are paying an agency to create your website for you, the free status of WordPress will have an impact on the amount that you pay as it minimises the expenses involved in making your website.

As well as being free, WordPress has an open source status which makes is a dream when it comes to web design Warrington. Open source means that a community of developers are constantly updating the software with updates or ‘plug ins’, which are often also free of charge.

WordPress manages to stay at the cutting edge of web design through being open source.

WordPress is Easy and Quick to Learn

WordPress is famed for its quick install and easy to learn system. WordPress was built with usability in mind and therefore the CMS is relatively simple to learn and become proficient with quickly.

If you are choosing to build your website yourself or are working with an agency who are building the website on your behalf, once the building has finished, editing and updating your website will be simple.

If you work with a web design Warrington agency such as Web Design Warrington, we will ensure that you know how to use your website before we hand the back end over to you post completion.

Google Loves WordPress

One of the most desirable aspects of WordPress is the fact that it is loved by search engines such as Google. When we say WordPress websites are loved, we mean that from an SEO stand point, they will be optimised.

Why are they optimised? WordPress has very clean coding which search engines love as they can easily crawl and index WordPress pages. This means that when it comes to search engine rankings, WordPress websites are often favoured.

As well as this, free plug ins such as Yoast for WordPress allow website owners to monitor and track the performance of SEO, so any areas that need attention along the way are easily highlighted.

Get in Touch

If you are considering creating a website or converting your current website to a WordPress website, Warrington Web Design are a web design Warrington agency that employ an experienced team of web designers and developers. Our team are dedicated to making the most of the World’s favoured CMS, get in touch for a free chat about your options and a quick, no obligation quote.



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