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What Your Logo Says About Your Brand
What Your Logo Says About Your Brand

What Your Logo Says About Your Brand

Every company knows how important the logo design is for their brand. In fact, it is the window to your brand’s entire foundation. It is so crucial in making your brand a successful one. First impressions matter and the logo will attract your viewers to check out what your brand is all about. Companies fail in the markets because their logo doesn’t deliver their story and fails to grab the consumers’ attention and not forget your brand.

This post will explain how important a logo is and what an ideal logo your brand should design to appeal to your viewers visually.

1. The colour of your logo

Colour is what usually attracts the consumers to your brand in the first place. It places such an essential function in emphasising the visual appeal of your brand. Let us show you how some popular colours have meanings that affect the feeling of people.

  • A black coloured logo shows that you emit power and principles from your brand.
  • A red coloured logo shows that your company is daring and enthusiastic about your beliefs.
  • A purple coloured logo shows that you are resourceful and creative.
  • An orange coloured logo shows that your company is warm and bright.
  • A green coloured logo shows that your company delivers freshness and promotes support.

2. The font of your logo

The simpler your font, the easier for your viewers to remember it. Similar to colours, there are popular fonts that people relate to.

Here are some fonts that leave an impression on people.

  • Calligraphic fonts represent an artistic value to your brand.
  • Calibri-type fonts give your brand a modern and polished look.
  • Typewriter type fonts make your brand look very traditional and soothing.

3. The symbol of your logo

Designing a symbol for your brand is a complicated one. Many brands choose to stick with a symbol forever. Changing your symbol can even show how fluctuating your brand can be, making your customers lose their dependency on you. The best part about having a logo makes you apt for marketing on mobile platforms. If you plan for a worldwide franchise, choose a symbol that every culture can relate to.

Research the demography of your brand. Your target audience and demographic can change how your brand or logo is perceived.

4. The story of your logo

Your logo presents the foundation of your brand’s story. It should be distinct to let people remember your brand and the visions you have for your brand.

5. Your logo should be easily shareable

Share-ability is one of the most significant assets of your brand’s logo. Online market experts recommend that your logo should look good in black and white to look good for promotions in newspapers and cheap paper.


Many companies design a logo in a hurry when they are just start-ups. They regret choosing a simple one after they become successful. A logo for your brand stays forever till you are in business. So we advise you to design wisely.

If you choose Warrington Web Design to handle your brand creation or logo design, we ensure you get the best options and make the right choice.



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