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What Simple Steps Can You Take Towards an SEO Friendly Site?
What Simple Steps Can You Take Towards an SEO Friendly Site?

What Simple Steps Can You Take Towards an SEO Friendly Site?

SEO Warrington is a term used by many and feared by even more. The phrase seems to evoke a sense of anticipation in those that do not understand its powerful potential as a form of online marketing.

Rather than learn about SEO and how it can benefit their business, many shy away and simply ignore SEO blissfully unaware of how their competitors are getting the edge over them online.

The truth about is SEO is that it can benefit every type and size of business, so it’s something that every website owner should be involved in.

So what tips does Warrington Web Design have for amateur SEO’ers to get them started?

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly!

Websites are ranked by Google on a whole host of criteria that either favours them in the search engine rankings or demerits them. One of the biggest effectors of search engine rankings is how mobile friendly a website is.

Since the takeover of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, Google’s ranking algorithms have been effected greatly. They now optimise pages that are mobile friendly and since their recent update a few years ago, penalise website’s that are not mobile responsive.

But what does the term mobile friendly really mean? For a website to be deemed mobile friendly it has to stand up on both desktop devices and mobile devices. If the design, layout, functionality or any other property of the website is effected then it will not be mobile friendly.

As an SEO Warrington agency, this is one of the first areas that we look at.

Put Together a Content Strategy

Now don’t panic, we know that the term ‘content strategy’ can sound intimidating but the reality is- there is no actual requirements for a content strategy. You can simply put in as much or as little effort as you wish. What you put in is what you get out when it comes to content creation.

Once you have launched your content plan and starting producing blogs, articles etc. monitor how your rankings are being effected. If you are not getting the desired SEO Warrington results, consider upping the amount of content that you are producing or contacting a professional SEO agency such as Warrington Web Design.

We employ content writers as well as SEO executives that can plan and execute your SEO strategy with your specific set of goals in mind.

Create Inbound and Outbound Links

Creating inbound and outbound links relating to your website can drastically optimise your page in terms of search engine rankings.

Inbound and outbound links need to be from credible sources, you should avoid link farming and the buying of spam links at all costs.

Doing so can detrimentally impact your website’s ranking amongst search engines if you are found to be in breach.

Contact your trusted SEO Warrington team today for help regarding ethical SEO campaigns.

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