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What is White Hat SEO and Why Is It Important?
What is White Hat SEO and Why Is It Important?

What is White Hat SEO and Why Is It Important?

In the world of search engine optimisation Warrington, there are both good and bad, ethical and unethical and trustworthy and untrustworthy ways to optimise your website.

For agencies such as Warrington Web Design, ensuring that SEO is entirely ethical and trustworthy is imperative.

The Ugly World of Black Hat SEO  

Black hat SEO is a world that shows no regard to the ethical ways of attracting traffic.

It often involves using tactics such as link farming, a process that sees websites gain authority through inbound and outbound links of a questionable nature.

Link farming tends to use spam and non genuine links and if you are found to be using these types of links, you can very quickly and easily be punished by Google, losing all of your website’s authority.

It’s always best to avoid link farming and your local SEO experts from Warrington Web Design strictly never uses spam or non genuine links.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing can be a real problem for website owners. Often would be SEO’ers fall into the trap of stuffing their content with keywords as they think that the more the better applies.

The reality is however, keyword stuffing can actually damage your website and the way in which your visitors engage with it.

As a search engine optimisation Warrington agency, we take the time to calculate how many keywords are required in order for your content to be optimal.

White Hat SEO Saves the Day  

Do not worry, it is not all doom and gloom when it comes to SEO. White hat SEO is the practice of increasing relevant traffic through ethical and appropriate means.

If you want link building done right, speak to your search engine optimisation Warrington company- Blue Whale Media.

We only use non spam, genuine links to help boost the positioning of our client’s websites amongst search engine results.

However, the main SEO service that we offer is content marketing and blog creation.

The Power of Content Marketing  

When it comes to search engine optimisation Warrington, content really is king.

Content optimises websites and a constant flow of new, fresh and optimised content can do wonders for your website’s ranking amongst search results.

Our services can provide you with a regular, weekly SEO blog surrounding keywords and topics relevant to your business.

When it comes to white hat SEO, content marketing should be the biggest feather in your hat.

Get in touch with Your Search Engine Optimisation Warrington Today

For further help and advice on how you can make the most of white hat SEO techniques, get in touch with your search engine optimisation Warrington agency today.

You can call us for a friendly chat, at which point we can provide you with a free quote for our services.



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