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What Is PPC Marketing?
What Is PPC Marketing?

What Is PPC Marketing?

Nwadays, the focus for digital marketing campaigns often lies with SEO Warrington. More recent years have seen a growth in the amount of companies implementing search engine optimisation techniques to gain organic traffic to their website. However, PPC or pay per click used to be the focus for organisations looking to make an impression on the internet in a short amount of time.

The phrase ‘cost per impression’ is often used as an alternative to PPC, as organisations literally pay per visitor to their website. So, how does PPC work and how can an organisation looking to branch out into the world of online marketing make a great first step?

How Does PPC Work?

As opposed to SEO Warrington marketing, PPC always comes with a cost. SEO can effectively come for free (apart from staff costs of course) if an organisation handles their own campaign internally, but PPC comes with an immediate cost.

PPC campaigns are run through services such as Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing. These programmes allow users to bid for search terms related to their websites. If they are successful, their advertisement will be placed amongst search engine results.

Sponsored Results      

Successful adverts are placed amongst search engine results. These results are presented as ‘sponsored results’ above the organic results that are generated. Depending on how high an organisation is willing to bid, determines where they will land amongst sponsored results.

Each time a person clicks on the sponsored link, the bidding price is paid out directly to Google. Hence the name pays per click.

Who is PPC Good for?

PPC campaigns are great for those looking to quickly boost their presence and ranking amongst search engine results. If you are willing to put the money in, immediate results can be achieved.

SEO Warrington is the other online marketing principle that is currently changing the way in which organisations optimise their websites for search engines. The problem with SEO is that it can be a lengthy process which requires the investment of time (and sometimes money). If an organisation simply does not have the time to create and run an SEO campaign, PPC is the way to achieve quick results.

How We Can Help

Warrington Web Design employs a dedicated team of digital marketers who specialise in both PPC and SEO Warrington campaigns. We design and run these campaigns on behalf of our clients, applying our expertise to their chosen fields to ensure them improved visibility amongst search engine results.

We have a website design solution for everyone regardless of scope or budget; our service can be tailored to your organisation’s needs so get in touch today!



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