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What is a Website Audit and When Do You Need One?
What is a Website Audit and When Do You Need One?

What is a Website Audit and When Do You Need One?

Warrington Web Design is an SEO Warrington agency that offers a free website audit tool, but what is a website audit and what exactly does it do?

When it comes to monitoring the effectiveness of your website and online presence, there are not many tools that will give you a better understanding of how well a job you are doing than a website audit.

In this blog we will explain exactly what a website audit is and how it could help your business.

What is a Website Audit? 

A website audit is an often free tool (if you use our website audit tool) that allows website owners to get a free analysis and report regarding their websites page’s effectiveness in some key areas.

The areas that will be picked up on include the SEO Warrington, the mobile friendliness of your website, a full check of any content attached to your website amongst other measurable indications to your website’s effectiveness.

Content Audit

The audit will analyse all of the content within your website for effectiveness. This means that keywords, content length and readability will all be called into question with relation to optimisation.

The report that you receive through running an audit will highlight the areas of your website that need improvements such as keyword density, mobile friendliness, the amount of fresh optimised content you haver attached to your website amongst other factors.

How Often Should You Audit Your Website?

It used to be the case that an annual or bi annual website audit would be enough to ensure your website’s effectiveness. With Google updating their algorithms so regularly, it is absolutely imperative that those looking to stay relevant and at the top of organic results run audits regularly.

There is no recommended regularity for auditing but what we would recommend is auditing as much as you can, and in light of any big updates to Google etc. Always run an audit.

Website Audits for Small Businesses

The size of your business is irrelevant to whether you need to audit. Small businesses that believe they do not need to audit their website could not be more wrong. When a business is smaller in size, it is actually more important that they audit regularly in order to refine the SEO Warrington strategy in place.

Get in Touch Today

If you have a website and are not sure whether you are succeeding where SEO Warrington is concerned, feel free to use our free website auditing tool. We can tell you where your website may be and may not be achieving SEO concerned and post audit can make suggestions on how to improve.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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