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What are the Different Types of eCommerce Available?
What are the Different Types of eCommerce Available?

What are the Different Types of eCommerce Available?

Warrington web design specialise in eCommerce web development Warrington, we create affordable bespoke eCom solutions with a choice for every organisation’s specific needs and budgets available.

We understand that when it comes to eCommerce, one show does not fit all. Being a web development Warrington service means that when a client approaches us we begin by helping them decide what level of service their organisation requires.

Unlike some web development agencies, we do not try to sell our clients the most expensive level of website available but rather spend our time focusing on find the appropriate solution for them that remains within their chosen budget.

So what different types of eCommerce are available?


Easily the most popular eCommerce solution out there. This open source platform is favoured by many due to it being free, easy to install through a plug in to WordPress and its host of available functions.

This shopping platform offers all the expected features of an e-store such as a shopping cart and checkout system, stock management and micro transactions. On top of this, there are several custom features and functions that can be downloaded as regular plug ins.

WooCommerce is great for small scale outfits and larger organisations alike and is a great choice for those first starting out in online retailing that are looking to expand and develop. Warrington Web design serve every scale of business and therefore we mostly use WooCommerce as it is massively versatile and able to meet the needs of the majority pf our clients.


Magento is the platform of choice for larger scale retailers with most of the fortune 500 choosing this platform over WooCom and other eCom choices. The reason for this is, if left in the hands of a capable web development Warrington agency, your e-store will have huge amounts of development potential.

This platform offers all the expected features of an eCommerce such as checkouts, baskets and payment processing. However, the customisable potential of these functions is much greater with a much broader set of e-store tools being readily available.

Warrington Web Design have built highly developed, robust Magento stores on behalf of our clients on a number of occasions. When it comes to any form of ecommerce web development Warrington, we are your go to choice.


Shopify is another popular choice for retailers looking to make a splash into the world of eCommerce. This website is great for those that have little experience in ecommerce as it comes preloaded with plenty of useful features and functions and adding more is relatively easy in comparison to other CMS.

If you are looking to build an e-store but are not sure how to do so, we recommend considering shopify. Choosing this CMS along with a skilled web development Warrington service such as Warrington Web Design could help you achieve a great ROI.

How We Can Help

Warrington Web Design are here to guide you as you embark on your journey into the lucrative world of eCommerce. We can make recommendations on what solution best suits your business and will help you at every step of the way. Get in touch for a free chat today!



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