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What are the Best Social Media Accounts to Have for the SEO of My Website?
What are the Best Social Media Accounts to Have for the SEO of My Website?

What are the Best Social Media Accounts to Have for the SEO of My Website?

At Warrington Web Design, we not only build websites, we also deliver stellar digital marketing solutions to help our clients in making the most of their online presence. Social media marketing is one such offering. If you are looking to leverage social media to your advantage, we would be happy to help.

Using backlinks to determine the popularity of a website was a wonderful step for search engines to deliver the most relevant results. However, today, search engines put a lot less value on links than before. When buying and selling backlinks became a common practice, links became a lot less trustworthy.

Enter Social Media

But then, everything changed with the advent of social media. If links act as votes for the number of people/sites that like a particular page/site, social media sharing takes that voting to all new level. Social signals have emerged as an important ranking signal when ranking a website.

After all, if a particular website/page is liked by a lot of people on social media networks, it must be relevant, it must be good, and it must be worth sharing. So are there any particular social media channels that have a better advantage over the others? Well, if you have a presence on any of the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest, you are covered.

So the question then is not which social media channels are best for SEO in Warrington. The question is whether you have a presence on social media yet. At Warrington Web Design, we highly recommend a presence on at least two of the major social platforms.

Social Reputation

Just like search engines do not treat all links as equal, they do not view all social media accounts equally. Given the fact that anyone can create a Facebook or Twitter account, it won’t take long for anyone to create set up 100 different social media accounts to build fake buzz.

That’s where social reputation comes really handy. Having a social presence isn’t enough. Your social presence must be well regarded. Be sure to participate in social networks that are relevant to your business. Be authentic just like you’d be with your site. Your social media reputation makes a world of difference.

Social Shares

Just like backlinks, the quality of the social shares is of prime importance. Of course, sharing your content on several different social networks also helps. After all, you go viral when a lot of people see your brand, page or site.

It all boils down to participation. So if you don’t have a Facebook account, Twitter account, or a Google+ page, you are missing a lot.

Get in touch with Warrington Web Design today for a well thought out social media strategy for your small business website.



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