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Web Site Design Tips for Increasing Conversions
Web Site Design Tips for Increasing Conversions

Web Site Design Tips for Increasing Conversions

Websites are fast becoming the number one avenue for businesses when it comes to generating sales and engaging with customers.

However, poorly designed websites that are not built with conversions in mind can actually scare off customers and negatively affect your conversion rate.

In this case, having a website can actually be a burden to your business.

So, how can you ensure that your website is going to be a conversion generating machine?

Read our latest blog post to find out.

Keep Your Website Simple to Create Conversions

Something that you should always keep in mind when designing a website, is that simplicity is key.

Rather than having an overcomplicated website that will scare off customers, keep things simple to drive conversions.

Now this does not mean you have to limit your website in its design and scope, but unnecessary complication will always have an adverse effect on your conversion rate.

Try looking at other websites from organisations within your industry for reference and go from there.

Make Sure Your Call to Actions Are Easy to See and Use

A huge portion of conversions for websites and digitally represented businesses happen through ‘call to action buttons’ that appear on websites.

They need to be enticing and stand out on your website, linking users to the pages they need to convert (e.g. a buying page for your products).

Make sure you include enough call to actions on your website but do not go too far, you may end up making your website and your approach to sales seem pushy.

Speak to your web design Warrington agency about designing a professional call to action button that will improve your conversion rate.

Include Plenty of Useful Features for Converting

Making your website unique in function can greatly impact your conversion rate. This may mean including an easy to fill out contact form, a locational booking feature, or a video home page.

An example of a unique, custom built feature that we have built for a client recently in Andrews Waste. We designed for the rubbish removal company, a custom feature that allows users to book their services depending on location.

They can search using a map feature and check availability.

Speak to your web design Warrington agency about custom features and how they can improve your conversion rate.

Include Your Branding Throughout Your Website

For maximum brand identity, be sure to include your brand logo and brand iconography throughout your website’s design. Not doing so is missing an obvious opportunity to reinforce your brand identity.

If you have built a reputation for good service as a company, users visiting your website that see your brand logo will be much more likely to convert.

Speak to Your Web Design Warrington Agency Today

 Contact your web design Warrington agency– Warrington Web Design for help turning your website into a conversion generating online resource.

If you already have ideas for improving your website or not, we are here to help and can provide you with a no obligation quote.



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