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Top Five Challenges Faced By Web Design Agencies

Top Five Challenges Faced By Web Design Agencies

In today’s fast-paced world, there is an increased number of users found online per day. Hence, every brand and business is on the constant lookout for enhancing brand value and integrity through a boost to their online presence.

Web design agencies have barely taken up the challenge to strategize, plan and execute the dynamic design, and they get stuck with implementation, which should occur at ease. The complication of the tools and methods used is a known factor. After all, it’s always easier said than done.

Even though you don’t need to spend a bomb for the process, the modern methods used are a massive challenge for web designers. Some of the five most significant challenges faced by a web design company in Warrington:

Responsive web design

One of the most common problems for a brand or business regarding increasing reach is the design’s responsiveness on mobile and other platforms. If there is a distinct difference between the desktop and the mobile version, then you need to make some changes as soon as possible.

A smartphone user prefers the on-the-go accessibility of a website, and if they don’t get that level of comfort, they think it over to visit the website. Once there’s a delay in the website visitor’s response time, that’s when the performance of the website suffers.

In addition to smartphones, there are multiple devices enabled with technology. Hence, you have gaming consoles, smartwatches, and so forth, which can get utilized while streaming online.

Thus, if the website isn’t compatible with all of your smart devices, then you lose out on the chance of winning over consumers who prefer the portability factor of the devices to the desktop.

Encryption of private and confidential information

With the advancement in technology, you also stand to lose out on a lot regarding safety. Maintaining online privacy and security is a big challenge and can get tackled by web design solutions. The solutions emphasise protecting sensitive information.

With hacking and cyber-terrorism on the rise, you have to be on high alert when you reveal personal information on a site. Further, online authentication requires your details as a mandatory requirement.

Issues like phishing and other malicious threats like spyware get triggered when you leave your information open and unprotected. Activating a certain level of encryption for your personal information is of utmost necessity.

Web design agencies usually seek the help of third-party software, which helps them secure the website getting built and, in turn, allows safe on-boarding of the online users. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates now available help keep the website safe and protected for a longer duration, as mentioned in the stipulated timeframe.

The best way to secure the page as a whole is by using the following tactic. The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is added to the website address or link to ensure that you get redirected to a secure portal. Being vigilant online is essential and requires a lot of support from the web design agency team.

Enhanced user experience

While designing the website, giving the utmost consideration to users is no new thing since they’re the ultimate contenders deciding whether a website’s performance is up to the mark. Often, we hear users complain about the website design as it isn’t user-friendly.

User interfaces and website design go hand-in-hand. A weak structure and design directly impact the user experience and, in turn, their response. The reviews and ratings provided by them will also falter, which is exceptionally undesirable from the website’s viewpoint.

An optimised and dynamic web design indicates clarity about the brand and the services offered. The user is well aware of the platform and can decide on how to proceed further. A web designer’s worst possible mistake is adding an excess of information that will come forth as jargon.

Further, if a page’s loading time is long and the response time is slow or with a lapse in time, it’s ideal for fixing the gaps instantly. Minor issues can affect the transition and experience of the user. Hence, if the speed requires a boost, then you now adjust it so that the user experience remains unaffected.

Efficient management of the budget

A majority of the web design agencies work on a shoestring budget and require to cut corners when it comes to the slightly expensive elements. Here is where they go wrong, and the exact way to avoid it is by a projection of an optimum budget plan.

Planning helps you in predicting whether the budget will work for the website or not. The best way to reach a middle ground is by setting the terms and conditions with the concerned party. Once the client agrees on the pricing, and the agency can provide evidence for the payments, budget plans are successful.

Site-building and integration

Many owners and clients request access to site plugins and third-party applications, which slow down the website and affect the overall performance. Integration of an external application into the web design requires adherence to appropriate regulations.

Even though it is cumbersome, most of these applications are beneficial to the person or business involved. Social media connectivity connects the world with your brand. Every time you or any other person clicks the share button, a new user gets redirected to your website and the associated content.

Hence, social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth can become your official marketing platforms when used wisely. Therefore, website design agencies usually integrate social media accounts for ease of access and usage.


A web design agency is useful in setting up your brand and coming up with solutions you would otherwise struggle with. The only way to avoid mistakes and obstacles before and during the website design is to decide the plan and stay updated with all upgrades and privileges.

You can only succeed when the elevation of testing and experience is attainable to a level that suits you and your expectations. Till then, experimentation will help in giving you the desirable outcome.



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