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Warrington Web Design On Why Content is King
Warrington Web Design On Why Content is King

Warrington Web Design On Why Content is King

Warrington Web Design are a web development Warrington agency. We employ in house content writers to craft optimised content strategies for our clients.

We know that when it comes to developing an online presence, producing optimised and relevant content on a regular basis can have a massive impact on an organisation’s visibility and amount of page visitors.

Google have been quoted recently saying that to them ‘content is king’. Optimisation of pages is done through a specific set of algorithms. These algorithms look on optimised content in a favourable manner.

In this blog, Warrington Web Design are going to explain what it means to optimise content and why it is a crucial technique where SEO is concerned.

Keyword Research

When it comes to optimising content, the first thing any would be SEO’er needs to do is decide what search terms they would like to rank for. This means that when a user types their search into an engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, their website will hopefully appear within the specific search results.

Once an organisation has decided on their keywords, they can begin planning their content strategy. As a web development Warrington agency that employs content writers and SEO experts, we can help you decide on what keywords best suit your organisation’s needs

Analysing Content for Ongoing Effectiveness

The SEO and content writing experts at Warrington Web Design constantly monitor the effectiveness of all current content campaigns. We use the latest analytical software such as Yoast, to analyse aspects such as keyword density, word count and layout of content for SEO potential.

Once we have analysed content, we report back to our clients with clear, condensed results and tweak campaigns where ever needed.

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If you or your organisation are seeking to create a content plan for the coming year, get in touch with Warrington Web Design. We are a leading web development Warrington agency, that specialises in transforming the online presence of organisations through innovative web design, SEO campaigns and many more services.



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