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Warrington Web Design on Web Design Trends for 2018
Warrington Web Design on Web Design Trends for 2018

Warrington Web Design on Web Design Trends for 2018

Warrington Web Design is a web design agency based in Cheshire that has been helping businesses establish and improve their online presence through innovation in website design and online marketing for several years. 

When it comes to web design, like any other design based outlet, trends play a pivotal part in the continued development of the medium.

In recognition of the importance of design trends, we have put together this short blog regarding the top web design trends of 2018.

So, let’s get started.

Video Input

Now we are well aware that video has been big on the internet for many years now, you only need to look at the popular social media platform and video sharing service Youtube to know this.

However, what is on the horizon and we have already started to see more of is video being integrating into web design. In the past, video was only really a part of business owner’s websites who could afford to invest a huge amount into their website’s structure.

However, video is becoming increasingly accessible for everyone as the integration of videos into websites is becoming easier.

Warrington Web Design regularly design websites for users that make use of video, video home pages are an example of how much more popular the medium is becoming.

One Page Websites  

Easy to use, simple and cost-effective. One page websites are fast becoming the go-to choice for small business owners that want to establish an online presence but do not need anything over complicated or flashy.

If you are a modestly sized organisation with only a few products or services, why complicate things with an abundance of pages?

Warrington Web Design has been creating one-page websites for a variety of clients, so much so that we are now making it a separate core service for clients.

Get in touch today to find out whether a one-page website suits your businesses’ needs


As animation becomes more and more sophisticated, you will find it becoming more prevalent across the internet.

Gone are the days of flash animation that slowed down your website, animation is having a resurgence and it is back better than ever and most importantly mobile friendly.

Animation is a great way to convey your business’ message quickly through a kinetic image. Warrington Web Design have dedicated animators that can help inject some fun and engagement into your website.

Landing Page Optimisation

Home pages are becoming a dated phenomenon, with dedicated landing pages take centre stage.

Landing pages are a dedicated area of your website that users are instantly diverted to when landing on your page.

You can use this type of page for marketing purposes, promoting special offers and much more.

Speak to Warrington Web Design about how you can use optimised landing pages within your website’s structure.

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