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The Power Of Colours In Website Branding
The Power Of Colours In Website Branding

The Power Of Colours In Website Branding

Ah, colours! They are supposed to bring out a certain kind of joy and smiles in people’s lives. As interesting as how these different colours are, did you know that even websites use them for website branding, too? In this post, you will know exactly why websites like Alex’s Bakery uses many different colours and how they promote branding.

The right colours make your website stand out

There have been studies that prove that the human brain prefers brands that are instantly recognisable. And for this, no doubt, colours play an important role in creating an identity. The same goes for websites as well. Therefore, it is very important for websites to make sure that they choose colours that make them stand out from the rest. 

When it comes to Alex’s Bakery, you will find the usage of a number of striking colours on their website, like pink, light blue, yellow, and more. These make the images as well as texts on the website attractive and easy to remember! There is also colour coordination when it comes to using different colours. This helps create a visual structure and stays in the mind of onlookers for a really long time. 

Colours exhibit your website’s personality

Secondly, colours are also capable of exhibiting your website’s personality. Remarkable, isn’t it? Often, jolly colours will show off the personality of the website in question. For instance, on the Alex’s Bakery website, you know for sure what you’re looking for when you browse through it: delicious treats! And once you start surfing the website, the different colours are certainly going to attract you even more!  

Since the website uses a lot of jolly and exciting colours, it depicts what you are in for and what you can expect from them!

Right colours equal to brand appropriateness 

Thirdly, the colours you use on the website also speak a lot about the appropriateness of the brand. For instance, imagine if the whole Alex’s Bakery website had only one colour throughout. Would you be interested in going through it at all? The use of different colours, especially when it comes to the delicious cupcakes and other goodies, make them even more tempting to take a bite! Therefore, when you are trying to sell something on your website, ask yourself whether it is colour appropriate to what you’re selling or not. 

Choosing the right colours will appeal to your audience

Lastly, there is also a reason behind the use of different colours in websites- and that’s for appealing to audiences of different genders. There have been studies proving that certain colours appeal to certain genders. For instance, the website in question, Alex’s Bakery, uses a lot of light and soft colours. So, they know who their target audience is- women! Although, it does not mean that men cannot relate to the delicious treats and can’t have cravings for them as women do! 


So, there you have it- the reasons why it’s important to choose the right colours for website branding. Make sure that you understand your product and your audience first before deciding on the colours. 



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