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Social Media Practices That Boost SEO
Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

Social media and SEO Warrington are two very powerful marketing tools employed by marketing and communication branches of companies worldwide. Although the two techniques are distinctively different, when woven together for a shared approach to marketing, they can prove to be beneficial to no end.

Social Media a Marketing Tool

Before we talk about its effects on SEO Warrington first lets discuss the roots of social media in marketing. Years ago social media platforms used to be predominantly for personal use. Nowadays, social media channels are present for pretty much every business you can imagine. Whether it be Apple or your local butchers, you can bet they’ve got a Facebook account.

These platforms offer a unique way for business owners to speak directly and connect with the public and prospective users of their product.

SEO What’s It All About? 

Search engine optimisation is fast becoming the principal focus for organisations looking to improve their rankings amongst organic search results online. The practice focuses on optimising websites through relevant content creation, external links and other techniques that increase traffic to websites.

How Do the Two Work Together?

With these two powerful marketing tools on offer, there must surely be a way to integrate them into one broader marketing strategy right?

Well yes there are actually in fact several ways to optimise pages through social media based SEO Warrington tactics.

Increase Your Following

The amount of followers attached to your social media page has a direct effect on the way in which your page optimises. Companies with a larger number of followers will be indexed higher by search engines such as Google as your page will be deemed more relevant.

However, this doesn’t mean you can run out and buy followers in a similar fashion the bad SEO Warrington practice of link farming. Google and other search engines are sophisticated enough to detect the legitimacy of followers, meaning that bad followers and fake accounts will result in penalisation.

Encourage the Amount of External Inbound Links

Imbedded links to your website can be shared through social media channels, a higher number of legitimate inbound links results in your website ending up higher up in the search engine results.

These links similar to followers do have to be legitimate with black hat techniques such as link farming becoming more and more detectable in recent years. SEO Warrington has significantly developed since its somewhat shady beginnings.

Locally optimised posting

Social media can be massively useful when it comes to optimising websites amongst local rankings. The practice of tailoring social media posts and engaging with the local community through social media will optimise your website on a local level.

Should your company attend and event or engage with the local community, make sure to get a picture or produce a press release optimised with local keywords.

This is a great way to put your organisation ahead within your local area.

How Can We Help?

Warrington Web Design employ a team of social media experts along with a department dedicated to SEO. They work in close proximity, to ensure that both of their practices compliment one and other. Whatever your goals regarding SEO Warrington and Social media, get in touch for a free chat about your options today.



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