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How To SEO Your Website On A Budget
How To SEO Your Website On A Budget

How To SEO Your Website On A Budget

A long with being highly popular and useful, SEO has become costly at the same time. SEO businesses have increased the cost of their services to gain more profits out of your pocket.

If you are thinking of starting a blog or an e-commerce website, bearing this cost might seem impossible. Therefore in this article, we will be discussing some SEO tricks you can use to optimize your website for cheap!

Please keep in mind that we are suggesting cheap tactics, not affordable SEO services or businesses. You should always be careful when opting for dirt cheap SEO service!

Speed is the key

Research has shown that fast and snappy websites tend to do much better than slow websites. This fact is due to human psychology. If people are presented with thousands of websites, they will skip the slow ones.

Therefore optimize your website to load faster, especially on mobile devices. You can do this through the following ways:

  • Compress your HTML and JavaScript files using compression software.
  • Increase your website’s cache size.
  • Keep your image sizes as low as possible.
  • Trim down your website’s code.
  • Reduce the number of redirects within your page.

Internal linking

Most of the SEO service providers and clients are too worried about external linking. So much so that they forget how vital and cost-effective internal linking is.

Internal linking is the process of linking one or more posts from your main website together. It helps increase the visitor count and reputation of each of the pages and your homepage.

This procedure requires creative content creation and a lot of audits, but it’s worth it!

Create long-form content

Google has recently shifted its concentration from keywords to consumer intent. Therefore, this is the best time to move your focus from short-form content to long-form content.

If you can create long blog posts that contain unique and robust content, Google will shower your page with views and engagement.

Long-form content helps in two ways. First of all, long form content helps you organically cram in more keywords. Secondly, it allows you to keep visitors on your page for a longer time.

When people bounce less from your website and stay longer, it makes Google think your website has quality content. This intern gives your page higher search rankings.

Make navigation easier

Statistics show that users do not like confusing websites. One of the golden rules that are followed is called the ‘Three click rule.’ This says that after a visitor has entered your website, it should not take him more than three clicks to navigate.

Keeping the navigation simple will increase consumer retention and give an excellent response to the search engine.


The points stated here are not the only optimizations possible in a low to zero budget. But these are some of the most effective ones. Please note that you need to apply these after you have done the basic SEO of your website.

Implementing these will act as another layer of optimization that makes your website both viewer and search engine friendly!



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