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SEO Not Working? Learn Why & How to Fix It
SEO Not Working? Learn Why & How to Fix It

SEO Not Working? Learn Why & How to Fix It

Lowercase URLs

Uppercase or lowercase URLs are a common problem on most websites. The initial problem isthat servers are set to respond to URLs written in Uppercase. Therefore, they can neither rewrite nor redirect to a lowercase version.

If your site has this issue, you can solve it using the URL rewrite module. It will help you solve the problem on servers (IIS 7). Alternatively, you can hire SEO experts such as Warrington SEO.

Low-quality SEO

It could be that your SEO is unsustainable, low quality, and ineffective. Common signs of low SEO quality include non-strategic guidance, non-noticeable result improvement, or a high initial increase followed by a drastic change.

You can avoid this by getting experienced SEO services from renowned companies such as Warrington SEO services.


As a website owner, it may be hard for you to identify why your SEO campaign isn’t working. You should analyze your indexation by asking yourself questions such as:
• Are there unwanted pages in the index?
• Are there missing pages un the index?
• How many pages do you want to appear in the index?

Unrealistic Budgets

You need to be realistic and set achievable goals. The first step toward this is finding a niche and sticking toit. Next, use the size of your business to your advantage.

There is always competition. Set your budget for SEO services to stay ahead of already established competitors. It is essential to consider the impact of online visibility on your business and invest accordingly.

Poor page optimisation

No matter how good your content is, poor optimization will cause your site to lag. On-page optimization is not a difficult task. Just ensure that the page meta descriptions and meta titles are set to attract more visits to your site.

Bear in mind that over optimization may negatively affect your SEO ranking. Your site may be optimized if readers find some simple words such as “in” or “from to be missing. To correct over optimization, check your internal links, page copy, outbound links, and anchors and over optimized text.

Consider hiring professionals such as Warrington SEO to get your site properly optimised.

The kind of SEO you are investing in

Maybe you are engaging in the wrong type of SEO. Find out what kind of SEO your business needs and what keywords you should target. Remember that a search engine may have complex algorithms.

Therefore, ensure that you identify your target market. Also, check how the type of SEO you choose will connect your customers and prospects. You can consult Warrington SEO for an explanation on the types of SEO and recommendations.

Focusing on the wrong algorithm

Google continually makes changes, about 400 changes annually. Hence, it is essential to stay abreast of all matters about SEO. Just keep it cool as well since obsessing over the little modifications may disorient you.

It is good to be always informed– just be cautious not to be enslaved by the changes. Always focus on better marketing strategies. Engage in good practice such as content design, technical, as well as quality guidelines.

Final Thoughts

We believe you have identified the reason your SEO may not be working. Try the remedies we recommend for each solution. Remember to seek high-quality SEO services. Also, stay ahead of Google Algorithm and just do what you can to optimize your campaign the best way possible.



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