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SEO For Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Boost Sales And Traffic

SEO For Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Boost Sales And Traffic

People are already gearing up for the festive shopping season and consumers are interested in saving big and getting the best deals.  So, businesses are doing everything they can to attract the attention of customers.

With everybody using different methods, it can be difficult to get plenty of traffic to your site. But with the right SEO strategies, your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales and traffic can reach great heights.

Our team at Warrington Web Design have put a guide together, which can be quite helpful in making a difference during this holiday shopping season.

Collect info and facts about Google search trends

A lot of times, business owners waste money unnecessarily on ads but bear little fruits. Instead, it will help significantly if they start checking out Google search trends.

As mentioned earlier, excited customers are already searching for deals, discounts, online stores, etc. So, you check and research a little bit on what people are looking for.

Once you have the info, you need to do a few things to get your online store on the front page of Google. Doing research on keywords and bringing backlinks to your website will be effective.

How to do Black Friday or Cyber Monday keywords research?

Conducting research related to Black Friday or Cyber Monday is quite simple. All you have to do is pay attention to the keyword associated with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, your merchandise and holiday season popular keywords.

While researching the keywords, there are also a few things that you have to keep in mind. Consider how many users are checking out a specific keyword. If you notice a high number of people searching that keyword, it shows how popular it is.

You also have to see the difficulty level of a particular keyword. You can know this by finding out how many companies rank on Google with the keyword. In this case, it is simpler to rank for that specific keyword if only a few businesses are on the list.

You must also check out the details of the search engine results page to find out a few things. Take a look at the links that people are mostly checking out. It will allow you to understand the kind of content that people are searching for.

Finally, examine what your rivals are doing. See what type of keywords they are using or what they are doing to get ranking on Google.

Using Black Friday or Cyber Monday keywords to increase traffic and sales

With all the information about keywords, your rivals’ strategies and SERPs, you have to take a correct approach to rank high on Google.

If you use the ideal keywords, it won’t be long before traffic increases to your online store. It can be beneficial if you add your keywords to links and URLs in some cases. Include the keywords to links to products that most people search and buy during the holiday season.


Besides the above steps, you can also do a few more things like building links, choosing a suitable page title, posting gift guides and making valuable Black Friday or Cyber Monday content that people can share more.

You can also create and share videos depicting the products and deals that you are going to offer during the holiday season. Finally, do thorough research about every aspect and use the proper steps, and you will have high traffic and sales not only during Black Friday or Cyber Monday but on a long-term basis too.



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