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Facebook SEO: Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page
Facebook SEO: Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook SEO: Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

Social media marketing has become an enormous thing lately. Millions of people are using social media to connect and consume content. Therefore, for businesses, social media is a platform with millions of eyes already on it.

Facebook is one of the oldest, most significant, and most popular social media platforms which have attracted businesses for quite a while.

If you want to create a Facebook business page or think why your existing page isn’t getting enough reach, SEO optimization is what you need. Go through this article and create a fully optimized Facebook business page!

The name is essential

The name of your page is like a first impression. It should be directly relatable, catchy, and contain keywords. It should be easy to remember and attractive rather than dull and too long.

Select the keywords carefully because cramming a lot of keywords will make your title look unprofessional. Moreover, audiences tend to stay away from self-advertising businesses.

Incorporate your brand and create a show and unique page name while keeping the spelling and grammar checked.

Don’t ignore Backlinking

Back-linking is the process where recognized, and popular online entities attach your website/blog/page link. This increases your website’s reputation and increases the views of your website.

It is difficult for Facebook pages to get back-linked in the traditional way. Therefore influencer pages, collaborations, and partnerships are some of the most suggested ways to get backlinks.

If your business has a successful page on other social media platforms, or websites/blogs, you can use them for backlinking as well!

Keywords are the key

The Facebook page is like an empty swimming pool waiting to get filled up with keywords. You have different tabs, for example, the section, description, headlines, and more, where you can use keywords.

Using keywords in as many places as possible will make your page more discoverable and bring more views.

Choose your keywords using any keyword tool, and make sure to be generous but not over the top. Opt for long keywords rather than short ones because they are more useful for Facebook’s search engine.

Create a custom username

This is unknown to many, but it assigns you a random username and URL when you create your Facebook page. This random URL looks very unprofessional. Furthermore, it is impossible to remember, long, and not share-worthy.

Therefore go ahead and create your username in your page settings. Creating a unique, urban, and catchy username will elevate its share-worthiness. Furthermore, a memorable username will spread like rapid fire among your potential customers.

Keep the about section clean and updated

Nobody likes a messy page; usually, customers relate a cluttered page with unprofessionalism and do not usually trust them. Therefore the about us section should be well presented and should have all the essential information.

Moreover, customers tend to trust those businesses which they can reach. Therefore keep the about section updated with all the latest emails, phone numbers, and other communication means.


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, and it is also one of the most business-friendly platforms out there. Therefore if you can build up a Facebook business page with proper optimizations, your business is bound to take off.

Just implement the tips given above and watch your stats change!



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