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Reasons You Should Consider Redesigning Your Website
Reasons You Should Consider Redesigning Your Website

Reasons You Should Consider Redesigning Your Website

Great web design Warrington is fast becoming a necessity for businesses and companies wanting to remain effective in their chosen industries.

As print based marketing becomes outdated, companies are investing more and more money into their online presences whether that be websites or social media.

But when do you know whether your current website needs updating or redesigning?

Warrington Web Design is here to let you know through this informative blog post.

Your Content Management System May Be Outdated

When it comes to internet technology, what may be currently in date or relevant can fast become outdated over a short space of time.

Content Management Systems need to be continuously updated to ensure that they offer the highest potential possible when it comes to performance and abilities.

One CMS that manages to stay up to date through regular performance and software updates is WordPress. This CMS currently controls a third of the global market share when it comes to websites.

For those wanting to stay up to date with technology and keep their website at the cutting edge, WordPress is an obvious choice.

Speak to Warrington Web Design About WordPress Websites

Your local web design Warrington agency- Warrington Web Design builds near exclusively in WordPress. The reason for this being, WordPress affords a huge amount of versatility for website owners.

Websites build through this CMS look great, function brilliantly and are easy to use for website owners and website users.

Speak to your web design Warrington agency about transferring your current website to a WordPress based website so that you can enjoy the benefits of a website built in this CMS.

Your Website Looks Outdated or Old

When it comes to business, first impressions really are everything. In order to grab a visitor to your page and stop them from leaving near enough immediately, you need to draw them in and engage them straight away.

Your website’s design and aesthetic has a huge impact on this, with the quality of your website often being seen as a direct reflection of your business.

If you have an outdated or old website, you may be risking the relevance of your business- speak to your web design Warrington agency about how you can update your website and regain your edge.

Your Website is Not Mobile Responsive  

Not being mobile responsive is no longer an option for website owners. With over half of traffic now generated being form mobile devices such as phones and tablets, failing to be mobile responsive can cost you up to half of your traffic.

As well as this, websites that are not mobile ready are now penalised by Google and will slip down the rankings of organic search engine results.

Can you really afford to not be mobile responsive?

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