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Optimising Micro-Moments for Local SEO
Optimising Micro-Moments for Local SEO

Optimising Micro-Moments for Local SEO

Web browsers have allowed users to search for practically everything they want to know right when they need it. You can take advantage of this trend by putting your business on the top of the search engine results page (SERP). To do this, you might want to learn how to optimise micro-moments of a consumer’s purchasing journey.

Optimising micro-moments is crucial for businesses that are aiming to draw in local customers who need their products and services immediately. Our team of Warrington SEO specialists explores how you can do this.


The introduction of the concept of “micro-moments” is Google’s response to the shifting trend towards ecommerce. Upon learning that people are now checking their phones seconds right before they decide to buy a product, choose a service, or do something, they have made specific adjustments so that mobile browsers will be able to deliver the most relevant answers in the quickest possible time.

Essentially, micro-moments encapsulate the four stages in a consumer’s journey:  “I want to: (1) know; (2) go, (3) buy, and (4) do. For the best chances of winning a customer, a business needs to be seen by its prospects at every stage of this process.

Tips for optimising for Micro-moments

Our Warrington SEO team recommends the following tips to help your business in optimising these micro-moments:

  1.    Put your business on all possible local directories. This will ensure that prospective clients see you, whether your site or the directory shows up higher on google rankings.
  1.    Consistently list your location on each page of your website, social media, etc. If possible, add buttons that they can click to contact you right away.
  1.    Use keywords that include the neighbourhood or the street where your business is.
  1.    Check what information Google prominently lists on results of businesses similar to yours. Make sure you provide these information for your business too.
  1.    Study the four micro-moments questions. Brainstorm questions that your clients may be using in searching for your product of service. Make content that provide answers to these queries.
  2.    Include your product and area in your titles and content descriptions so that you will be easier to find.

Bottom Line

If you have a business that caters largely to a home-grown clientele, then you definitely need to focus on local SEO to improve your reach. This is especially important if you are in a popular product or service category, and there are a lot of establishments competing for clients.

If you would like to employ local SEO for your site, but you do not have the know-how or the manpower to do so, contact us for your local Warrington SEO needs. We will take care of it for you!



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