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Five Most Captivating Web Design Trends and Ideas For 2021

Five Most Captivating Web Design Trends and Ideas For 2021

The first impression of your website is your web design. In most cases, it determines if your audience would love to stay longer or leave for another site. The way you present your website reflects the value of your content and brand. Most importantly, a good web design gives a pleasant and satisfying browsing experience. For commercial websites, a good web design can bring in more leads and increase conversion rates. At Warrington Web Design, our team of local developers understand there are many different trends, styles and types of websites. In this blog, we have compiled our list of the most captivating web design trends we expect to see in 2021:


It must be the yearning of the past decades or the desire for keeping the raw aesthetics alive. Retro seems to be screaming louder in every aspect presently. Be it in the fashion world or the digital world, the eighties and nineties vibes are still trending big.

Some retro websites usually play with the alphabet and make them the centre of attraction. They keep the letters readable but jumbled in lowercase and uppercase, demanding the viewers to focus on them. Using neon colours in the already big headlines brings the vibe of the 90s aesthetics. Paint the entire site with brutal colours and effects and highlight your contents asymmetrically and voila! You have that vibe kicking in already. For an authentic retro design, illustrations of old photos, CDs and cassettes, TV and radio devices, old cars work wonders. Make sure to dress up those loud retro styles with modern classic art.

Retro designs can be either minimalistic or imperfectly messed.

Retro is a go-to design because it does not set limits and rules. It does not have to be perfectly clean and mild and thus, gives space for creativity. It is a forgiving design. It allows you to go freestyle and awaken the memories of the 70s to 90s.

Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalism refuses to go out of style, and it has its way of impressing just anyone. It has been and remains to be in vogue for being minimal and having the least content to bore people.

Minimalistic web design indicates using less of everything and showcasing just what is required for functioning. This includes the basic decor and shapes, limited use of colours, and letting the spaces rule. This does not mean that minimalistic websites are all dull shades of black, grey, and white.  Using colours, highlights, textures, and shadows that are not so obvious can help your site maintain minimalism.

Minimalistic art requires attentive and careful creation because it tries to portray the entire brand with the slightest noise. While making efforts to maintain a minimal site, you should never hide the essential pointers and navigation.

Minimalistic web designs are advantageous because visitors can load these types of sites quickly due to minimal noises and graphic elements. It is also favourable because it loads smoothly even in various screen sizes.

3D and Geometry

At present, three-dimensional art and geometric web design styles are taking over the web design kingdom. Using geometric shapes like the square, circle, and rectangles in logo, background, or buttons gives stylishly interactive visual effects. Web designers can frame important links on three-dimensional geometric shapes. It helps in drawing the attention of the viewers because it looks cool, appealing, and unique. Geometric shapes with proper layers, colour, and shadows give 3D effects and make the content look more realistic and fun. It aids in keeping the viewers more interested and engaged. Proper use of the 3D geometry brings the features to life.

The main advantages of 3D geometric web designs are that Warrington’s website designers can incorporate them with other web designs. Geometric web design does not require photoshoots or otherwise requires the least photoshoot while being interactive and real.


Multimedia is the mixed usage of all the text, images, and videos. It is a brilliant and eye catching combination as long as they are correctly combined. With the improvement of internet speeds, access to multimedia has become easier for a multitude of consumers. For this reason, multimedia is popularly trending amongst web designers.

Be it for entertainment or product and brand promotion, multimedia is a remedy for an improved audience and conversion rates. Text content alone can get boring. Including images and videos can charm visitors and result in more leads. A short video can help you interact with viewers and explain your brand in a more relatable way. Some may prefer reading while the others will prefer watching. A combination of all media can cater to different audiences.

Creators must carefully avoid bombarding the viewers with too much of movements and information at one go. It is best to give an option to the audience to play or stop the video. You should also remember that using too many images or videos can result in a slow loading website – when you’re using multimedia, ensure you are correctly optimising and compressing images and videos. If you require help in building a fast but aesthetic website, our team can help you.


Parallax scrolling is based on creating an illusion of depth between images by moving two images at different speed. The foreground moves more quicker than the background which creates the illusion of distance and depth as a user scrolls.

It is essential to note the side effects of any project before setting out. The use of parallax may decrease the loading speed of the viewers, which can be a huge setback.



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