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Minimalism in Web Designing
Minimalism in Web Designing

Minimalism in Web Designing

Have you ever heard about the word minimalism? The chances are that you might have heard of it in terms of architecture, clothing, or lifestyle. But guess what? Minimalism has been gaining a massive revival in web designing as well.

‘Less is more’ is the principle that guides the idea of minimalism. Some web designers try to keep their distance from it. They think that minimalism means anti-design or plainness. Well, no! Minimalism implies simplicity. They are embracing the space over graphic overdose.

And while embracing this minimalist trend, four questions keep recurring in any Warrington-based web designer’s mind:

  • Is the chosen element distracting users from the main point?
  • Is the colour scheme appropriate?
  • Is the typography easy to read?
  • Is there excessive use of the images?

If we can confidently answer these questions as a web designer, we might be using some minimalist techniques.

Minimalism tries to bring out the essential quality of clarity in web designing. In doing so, specific ‘Smart techniques’ are involved.

Smart use of space

Minimalism takes out unnecessary graphics making space a hallmark of this trend. Spacious web design calms the user while taking their focus to the main subject. In a minimalist web design, space is as essential as all visible elements.


In the empty space, the use of typography becomes an art. What to use? How to use it? And how many to use? These questions become focal. The use of typography needs a lot of experience to be improved upon.

Colour Selection

A popular belief is that minimalism works only on a black, white, and grey base. This is not true! Minimalism involves the smart use of balanced colours. Web designers who follow this trend make effective use of 2 or 3 colours. Another trick we can use is mixing a deeper spectrum and a highlighting colour, for example, using black and pink. The use of pastel shades can bring out elegant visuals.

Using the right images

Minimalist web designers use few carefully selected images to impress the users. Mostly flat images with three-dimensional shadings and lighting are used here.

Hierarchical Structure

Minimalist web designs are brilliant and artistic, but the main task is to give clear information with simplicity. Such web designs should be comfortable and logical to follow without much concentration. Creating a hierarchical structure with minimal design helps to do that effectively.

Seeing all these points, we know that minimalism can bring significant benefits- Pages are more comfortable to navigate, faster to load, and easier to recall.

But some people feel that minimalism in web designing is not appropriate. They call it boring, blank, lacking creativity, and room for growth.

All this leads us to say that, minimalism though significant, is not for all. It does not serve all business purposes, and web designers have to be careful about this. It might be great for a painter or a photographer but not so great for a business consultant.

However, we cannot complain. After all, such a difference in taste is what makes web designing such a dynamic industry. Every designer has a standard of beauty and class. Minimalism definitely has an exquisite class of its own.



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