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Localised SEO – How to Get Started
Localised SEO - How to Get Started

Localised SEO – How to Get Started

SEO Warrington for many can be a daunting task to begin. It is a term known by so many but understood by few.

Small businesses and local business owners can be put off by the prospect of SEO, thinking that it is a mammoth task that requires entire departments in order to be effective.

Research Keywords Relating to Your Business

Researching keywords that relate to your business is your first step when it comes to planning and designing your SEO campaign.

We suggest taking a look at your competitors, see which phrases and search terms they are trying to rank for and either copy them or identify underused search terms and capitalise on them.

Keeping your search terms relevant to your business and ensuring that your content includes plenty of them can increase your traffic exponentially.

Ensure you Have an SEO Friendly Website 

Ensuring that your website is set up to be SEO friendly is massively important before you launch your SEO Warrington campaign.

Aspects to turn your attention to include:

  • Ensuring that your website is entirely mobile friendly.
  • Mitigating loading times.
  • Making sure that you have an SSL certificate on your website.
  • Including Keywords within your website’s copy.
  • Avoiding using flash on your website

There are several other factors that you need to take into consideration before launching your SEO campaign. Speak to your SEO Warrington experts today to get up to speed before you launch your SEO campaign.

Decide on Your Location

Before implementing your strategy, you need to decide on how big the scope of your localised campaign needs to be.

This may sound strange because the strategy needs to be ‘local’ right? But what does local really mean to you? Take for example a garage based in Liverpool.

The garage could want to rank ‘locally’ but to the owners that may mean the entire of Liverpool or the whole of the North West of England.

In this instance the search term could be ‘Garage Liverpool’ or ‘Garage North West’.

Obviously going for larger areas has the potential to reach more visitors but bear in mind that the larger the scope, the more competition you will have.

If you need help strategizing your local SEO campaign, speak to your SEO Warrington experts at Warrington Web Design.

Start Creating Content! 

The next step is to get started producing SEO rich content. Blogs, articles, Facebook posts, they are all relevant and they will all help your optimisation efforts.

If you are not entirely sure how to create a blogging and content strategy, then your SEO Warrington experts at Warrington Web Design are here to help.

Contact an SEO Warrington Agency Today

If you can’t wait to get your SEO Warrington campaign started, speak to Warrington Web Design today. Our experts in SEO and web design can help you craft a bespoke campaign that is tailored to your individual needs as a business.



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