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Is Wix a Good Choice for My Website?
Is Wix a Good Choice for My Website?

Is Wix a Good Choice for My Website?

As a web design Warrington agency that is constantly taking on new custom, we are asked for all manner of web design solution from customers looking to establish a strong online presence for their organisations.

A frequently asked question that we receive is ‘Can I have my website built in Wix?’ In this blog Warrington Web Design will discuss Wix and its place in web design.

Flash Technology

So much of Wix websites are built using flash technology which in web design is essentially the enemy of innovation and functionality.

The problem with flash technology is that many phones and even tablets do not display it.

So by using Wix and flash technology you exclude a massive amount of visitors to your website.

With over half of internet traffic now being generated through phones, tablets and other

Portable devices, this could potentially be half of the visitors to your website.

Google Dislikes WIX

This one is really important, Google massively dislikes Wix websites for SEO. Ranking highly for a WIX website would be very difficult due to the search engine’s ranking algorithms.

Google is aware about the problems that Wix websites pose through being flash technology and therefore chooses not to optimise pages. As well as this, Wix websites cannot be verified with Web Master which should you get hacked, could be a huge problem.

Wix Websites Load Slow

WIX websites load considerably slower than those built on HTML such as WordPress. In the age of fast connecting and loading web pages, waiting 10 seconds to see a website is just not something people will accept, the result being-visitors leaving your page. Further to the penalisation of WIX pages by Google, slow loading pages are also considered less optimal and will therefore be even less optimised by Google. Doesn’t sound too good for those looking to rank on Google right?

Wix Websites Do Not Look Good

When it comes to web design Warrington, Wix is a very difficult platform to make professional, highly engaging websites through. The reason for this is, Wix is a CMS that is based around simplicity.

The themes and templates available through Wix are simplistic and arguably primitive where web design is concerned. If you want to project a professional image for your organisation, we suggest avoiding Wix.

Get in Touch

We hope that we have managed to answer your questions and queries regarding the CMS Wix and what it has to offer. As a web design Warrington agency focused on providing innovative and sophisticated web solutions, we strictly would not use Wix as we fell its limitations can have a massively negative impact on web design.

If you would like to discuss the matter further or are seeking the help of an experienced web design agency, get in touch with Warrington Web Design today!

You can reach us on 01925 552 050. Or drop us an email at: hello@bluewhalemedia.co.uk.



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