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How to use WordPress effectively?
How to use WordPress effectively?

How to use WordPress effectively?

It’s a known fact that WordPress is such an essential tool for creating content and posting online. But are you making the most out of it? There are many fantastic features about this application, and you might be missing out on some of them! So without further ado, here is how you can use WordPress more effectively.

Schedule blog posts

Many people ignore this, but scheduling blog posts is a fantastic feature on WordPress. You may think you can post anytime, so why bother? Here’s why it’s crucial for scheduling blog posts. When you finish your content and post it, you want it to have maximum reach. So posting it at the peak hours of people online is crucial. However, you may not always be able to post at the right time. But with the WordPress blog schedule, you can leave it to the application, and you won’t miss posting at peak hours.

Custom menu option

The custom menu is an excellent feature on WordPress. Now you can control the pages you want visitors to see and hide those you don’t want them to see. This option allows you to hide the main page for non-subscribers and keep your contents safe. Additionally, you can create drag-downs with a custom menu, and it helps by improving the navigation on your page.

Categorization feature

WordPress allows you to categorize all your content, and this is excellent because it makes things easier for visitors to find specific content on your page. You can find it on your dashboard and edit the necessary categories depending on your content. That way, you can help visitors quickly find what they want. However, it’s worth mentioning that the fewer categories you use, the better because there’s only SEO value.

Check the stats

If you haven’t been checking your stats, then you should! Many people ignore the stats on WordPress because they are clueless or don’t know how to check it. You can find it on your dashboard and have a look at it. The stats tell you all about the traffic generation on your page. It will tell you all about traffic generated from other sources like your social media accounts and give you an idea about which source generates more traffic. So it allows you to target better, and your posts can reach more people. It’s a highly effective tool.

Use plugins

WordPress allows you to use plugins. So it’s recommended to make the most of it and download all the relevant plugins. It will help improve your page. For instance, you can download plugins that can boost your blog speed, improve SEO, social shares, and so on. However, keep in mind that if you have too many plugins activated it will slow your page down. So always use only the ones that you need.

These are some fantastic ways to use WordPress more effectively. If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s the perfect opportunity! Your blog post reach and traffic generation can have significant changes once you apply them.



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