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How to use anchor text in SEO
How to use anchor text in SEO

How to use anchor text in SEO

Anchor text, also known as clickable text, is used to determine the clickability of a text. It plays a vital role in any website. It is used so that visitors can easily click on the text to direct themselves to another link of a text. It is important to increase your site’s rank and make the visitors stay on your site for a longer time. Using anchor text in the right place will benefit your web page in creating the right keywords, and users can find more information by going to your website’s other pages. Using anchor text in the wrong manner can impact your SEO ranking by delivering poor performance for your site. 

Anchor links are when you create backlinks for your site. This article will cover what anchor text is, how is the anchor text used, the types of anchor text and how to improve it. 

What is anchor text?

When you open a webpage or link, you may see a word or phrases linked in different colours. This phrase is an example of anchor text wherein the text will direct you to another text for more information. This helps in letting the users get more info according to their specifications. 

Benefits of anchor text 

Using anchor text in the right place of your content will provide you with multiple benefits such as 

  • It lands the users on multiple pages from your website.
  • Users will stick and spend more time on your website.
  • The keyword is used as a hyperlink.
  • Your SEO ranking will get higher. 

Types of anchor text 

Branded Anchor text: It includes your website’s brand name. Branded Anchor text is also identified with different public figures associated with your brand.

Partial March Words: It includes your keyword phrase along with other generic, random or stops words. An example is given below.

“Buy fresh flowers here”  targeting “fresh flowers.” 

Long-Tail Anchor text: It involves branded, related and descriptive keywords. 

Exact match link text: It includes the precise keyword  that  matches the page you are linking. 

Related Anchor text: It links to a page using a variation of the targeted keyword. 

Make your internal anchor text relevant

The most important thing you should keep in mind while creating hyperlinks as an anchor text is ensuring that your other page has as much relevancy as the anchor text. For example, you have an SEO blog that talks about email marketing and then you use that word as an anchor text for your other marketing blog or page, but if you hyperlink in social media blogs or flat marketing blogs, it will be irrelevant to the anchor text. It will be a negative impact on your website based on SEO.

As per Google, your anchor text and the landing page of your blog should be relevant. If not so, it will make Google think that you are manipulating or misguiding your audience. Similarly, if you are using others blog on your website as an anchor text, it should make sense.

Using the right anchor text

Using the wrong anchor text will lead to many issues for your site. For example, you have an iPhone device blog, and you mistakenly hyperlinked the word ‘features’ to promote your online page that sells iPhone devices. It will misguide your audience to the other page, and this will negatively impact your page. Any page that you land has to be anchor-text specific, so avoid placing the anchor text in the wrong words. This is the same for creating backlinks, too; you have to ensure that the backlink you are building for the main page has to have a primary keyword.

For example, if you want to rank an SEO keyword, you have to ensure that the backlink you create anywhere has to have the right keyword. It will ensure google that any backlinks you have for your anchor text are related to this keyword. It will give your blog power and weightage as your maximum backlinks are pointed towards this anchor text. This is the way of using a keyword to make your SEO effective. Putting and stuffing backlink in the wrong anchor text will give a penalty to your website by Google. 

Make your anchor text natural and readable

Anchor text relies on readable and natural content. Make sure that users are reading articles or blogs that are understandable and relevant on their part. As a Warrington SEO enthusiast, you have to link text relevant to your users because that will give you as many readers as you desire.


Anchor text is a necessity if you want to upgrade your SEO blogs and websites. It provides additional information to the readers by landing them on another page. Without a doubt, anchor text adds contextual content to your SEO site and develops your business extensively.



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