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How to Start an SEO Business
How to Start an SEO Business

How to Start an SEO Business

The world of internet can be cruel if you don’t know what people are saying behind your back. This cruelty can come in any form– a blog post, a Facebook status, a tweet, and even a testimonial video. Anyone can do these attacks on your brand faster than you can imagine.

SEO, when it comes to reputation and brand management, is the process of eliminating all hurtful query results on any search engine. To do this effectively, you need to have proper strategies set in place.

Warrington SEO is a reputable company to look into when looking for professionals to handle your online reputation. They have crafted personalized services for different brands which have been proven effective over the years. Warrington SEO can also help you maintain your good reputation since brand management is an ongoing process

In the meantime, you need to ensure that your brand is ranking on the top page of any search results. Knowing the basics of SEO will help you push down those harmful search results. Here are some basic things you need to know.

Do the proper study

Before you start your SEO business, make sure that you study the industries you will cater to your services. Some of the top clients of SEO businesses are e-commerce and blogging websites.

Study how the e-commerce industry works, the best SEO that fits e-commerce websites, website architecture, and more. In the same way, learn about the different types of blogs and websites.

This will help you to build better and specialized services for different types of clients.

Create your website

Your business will essentially be an e-commerce business where you sell SEO services. Businesses and entrepreneurs are most likely to find out about you through your website.

Therefore create a website which lists all your services and achievements. Furthermore, strive for that no.1 spot for your website in the search results so that businesses can estimate your capabilities.

Choose your tools

To provide your clients with the best possible services, you will need the best tools as well. Here is the starter pack for an SEO business:

  • Google analytics
  • Google’s My business tool.
  • Search console by Google
  • A keyword research tool

Investing in a fantastic keyword research tool will help you provide the best results to your clients.

Set up a pricing model

One of the critical steps you should take to become successful as an SEO starter is to set competitive pricing. Being a newcomer, the only aspect that will attract business to you is a low price.

Once you gain many clients and have built a reputation through good work, you can start increasing the price. This method of pricing is known as the Penetration Pricing Model.

Do heady duty marketing

Once you have set everything up, you need to market your services. As your business will be new, you need the help of influencers and advertisements to attract clients.

Social media marketing will be one of the best-suited methods for this type of marketing. It is low cost and highly effective.

Furthermore, as more and more business are starting to use social media profiles, it can also grab many potential clients.


You must take the right steps when you start an SEO business. It requires extensive studying and a wholehearted effort to become successful. Therefore don’t waste any more time and start following the steps mentioned above!



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