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How to Optimise your Website’s Written Content for SEO
How to Optimise your Website’s Written Content for SEO

How to Optimise your Website’s Written Content for SEO

It’s well-known that content is king in Google’s eyes, so SEO Warrington has compiled some of the best methods to help your content shine brighter than the competition. When we mention content in this post we’re specifically talking about written content as that is still Google’s preferred type of content these days.

While implementing all of these tips below might not make your entire site immediately jump up the rankings, it will help you understand how to build your posts to be attractive to Google’s algorithms. Once you’ve started optimising your posts regularly, your site will reap the rewards in the Google rankings.

Research your Keywords

One of the simplest steps of creating strong content is researching and inserting relevant keywords into your writing. By using a keyword research tool, SEO Warrington efficiently determines some popular search terms and keywords that are related to any website or topic. If you’re not sure about what keyword tool to use, or what a keyword tool even is, don’t worry because you use one every day!

That’s right, Google itself is often the best way to research which keywords are driving related content up the search rankings. Try typing your industry or service into Google’s search bar, but don’t press the search button. Now, take a look at the suggestions Google is giving you. These are the top-searched terms that spawn off of your original service or industry and are probably a great set of keywords to work into your content.

Practice this method to see what people are searching for so you can match your content to their search queries.

Use LSI Keywords

Now that you’ve got your keywords find some LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. These are keywords that are more generally related to the main keyword or topic you’re writing about. So, if SEO Warrington is writing an article about fitness, some LSI keywords would be exercise, workouts, wellness, and nutrition.

While you might see this as useless, since there’s a good chance you have some LSI keywords in your post anyway, LSI keywords are an important indicator for Google when it comes to checking if your content is relevant and worth ranking higher. Use a tool like LSI Graph to get an idea of LSI keywords for your next post.

Lengthen your Content

Over the past few years, Google has changed its mind on the length of written content it prefers. While it used to prefer shorter 300-500 words posts, Google now prefers 1,000 to 2,000-word posts. This is because these longer posts tend to be in-depth and on-topic, thus better resolving a user’s search query about the topic. Make sure your posts are getting into the nitty-gritty and details about whatever topic or industry you’re writing about.

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