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How Many Blogs Should I Be Posting On My Website to Keep a High Google Ranking?
How Many Blogs Should I Be Posting On My Website to Keep a High Google Ranking?

How Many Blogs Should I Be Posting On My Website to Keep a High Google Ranking?

Your business blog is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Not only can you generate a good amount of quality traffic, your blog is a great way to build your brand and even to convert visitors into loyal customers.

But as your web design Warrington agency may have already told you, if you thought that publishing some good quality blogs will get you the dream ranking and traffic, think again! Do not think of blogging as a ‘shut and forget’ strategy.

So is there really a magic number when it comes to blogging frequency?

Consistency is Key

More than the number of blogs you publish, it is important to blog regularly.

So even if you were to blog say once a week or even once a month, be sure to stick to your schedule. This is far better than publishing 10 blogs in one month only to forget your blog for the next six months.

If you plan it out, sticking to a schedule is easy. Perhaps you could outsource the task of blogging and publishing to a web design Warrington agency.

Create a list of topics in advance and work on them as you find the time. If, say, you blog once a week, write a couple of extra posts every time you write so you always have a few articles handy that you can post on those days you really don’t feel like writing.

The More You Blog, the Better It Is

The more you blog, the more the traffic you receive. A lot of bloggers find that publishing two blogs a week works wonders for their content marketing campaign. In fact, when marketers went from 11 to 20 blogs to 21 to 50 blogs, the traffic spiked by 45%!

In fact, if you blog daily, it can virtually double the traffic to your site.

The downside to blogging daily is that you may burnout soon and may not find the energy to keep at it. If this seems to be your problem, you can outsource the task to your web design Warrington agency.

So there’s no doubt that the more you blog, the better it is for your website traffic.

Optimise Blogs for Good SEO Ranking

It is crucial to SEO optimise your blog posts for your target keywords. Optimising your blogs will keep your website relevant to your target keywords and will ensure a steady increase in ranking. But it also depends on the quality of the content. Here are some things you should optimise in every blog:

  • The blog title
  • Meta title, meta description, and meta keywords
  • Image title and ALT tag
  • First paragraph of your blog
  • A keyword density of at least 1.5%

So there you go. These tips should help maximise the traffic to your website. For any questions about SEO or if you’d like to update your website, get in touch with Web Design Warrington today.



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