How Do You Optimise Your Website for Local Results?

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Local SEO is big. Today, users are looking for personalised search results that get them to businesses right next to where they live. So what is local SEO? Let our web design Warrington team explain

Local SEO is a bit different from a general SEO campaign. With local SEO, the focus is on providing results that are relevant to a user based on their current geographic location.

So, if you search for “web design Warrington” under the local results section, you will find listings of agencies that actually are located in Warrington rather than just optimising for Warrington.

So how do you optimise your website for local results? Let’s take a look.

Google Places

This is the first thing you want to do when you are looking to show up in local SERPs. It’s the easiest and the quickest way to show up in local search and maps.

Set up your Google Places for Business page and be sure to complete the profile and fill out details like address, local phone number, opening hours etc that are consistent with the information on your website.

Upload several photos to your listing.

Pick the right categories for your website. This way, Google will better understand which topics your business is relevant to and will create an appropriate signal.

Don’t forget local reviews. Local reviews have a direct impact on your local SERPs.

On Page Local SEO From An Experienced Web Design Warrington Team

On page SEO for your local business follows pretty much the same strategy of usual SEO. Here are some things you can do to optimise your website for local search results.

Add your geographic location along with your primary keyword in the following places on each page of your website. Say, your geographic location is Warrington, and the keyword is web design, your target local search phrase will be “web design Warrington”. Now, add this keyword phrase in the following sections of each page on your website:

  • Title tag
  • H1 tag
  • URL
  • Content
  • Image ALT tag

Go Mobile Friendly

Before you optimise your website for local SEO, ensure it is mobile responsive. If your website is not mobile-friendly, all your hard work would amount to zilch.


Because a lot of searches carried out today are on mobile devices. And if your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will not include it in the results at all. So hire a reliable web design Warrington agency to build a mobile friendly website.

In Conclusion

These are 3 simple ways to kick start your local SEO campaign. Try these and let us know what you think. If you think this is too much for you to take, hire a reliable web design Warrington agency to help with local SEO.

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