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How Do I Do Local Search Engine Optimisation for My Website?

How Do I Do Local Search Engine Optimisation for My Website?

Local search engine optimisation is a lot different from a general SEO strategy. If you are a local business, it’s important to optimise your on-site as well as off-site SEO campaigns for customers who might be searching for a local business.

So if you are not ranking on the top for local SEO, you are losing out to your competitors. Here are some strategies for optimising your website for local SEO. For best results, be sure to hire an SEO Warrington agency.

SEO Warrington Tip # 1: Title and Meta Description Tags

Optimising the title and meta description tags of a page is critical to the success of your SEO strategy. The title and description tags show up in the search results. So make the most of this space to improve your rankings as well as to ensure searchers click on your page.

The ideal length of a title tag is anywhere between 50 and 60 characters.

The description tags can be anywhere between 160 to 200 characters.

If your tags are longer than these prescribed lengths, the text may cut off when showing up in the search results. If you have a WordPress website, optimising the title and meta tags is easy.

Further, ensure your keyword is included in at least one sub heading and the URL. Optimise the image ALT attributes too.

Simply download a good SEO plugin. Our SEO Warrington team highly recommends the Yoast SEO plugin.

SEO Warrington Tip # 2: Claim Google My Business Page

If you have not yet claimed your Google My Business page, claim it right away.

Google My Business plays a crucial role in your local SEO strategy. If done right, your website will show up in the top 3 results of Google’s local search results.

Once, you’ve set up your Google My Business page, here are some things you should do to optimise your listing:

Include a lengthy and unique description. Ensure it is formatted appropriately and includes links.

  • List your business in the right categories.
  • Upload high quality photographs. The more, the merrier.
  • Include a local phone number.
  • Fill in your business address. Ensure the address is same as the one listed in other local directories and your website.
  • Add a high-resolution picture to your profile image as well as the cover page.
  • Mention the business hours.
  • Encourage customers to leave their reviews.

In Conclusion

There you go. These two strategies will go a long way in improving your website’s local SEO factor. For best results, hire a professional SEO Warrington agency. Warrington Web Design offers affordable local SEO packages to give your website a boost in the local search results. Contact us today for more information.



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