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How Can I Generate More Leads through My Website?
How Can I Generate More Leads through My Website?

How Can I Generate More Leads through My Website?

Many of our clients are builders and accounting firms. The most common question they ask  to the web design Warrington team is, “how can I generate leads using a website?”

You have taken your business to where it is today through referrals and word of mouth. But you realise that you can take your high quality services to a lot more people. And you realise that a digital presence can do wonders if done right.

But you don’t know how to go about it. You are wondering what you can do to generate more leads to your builders/accountants website.

Our web design Warrington team shares some excellent strategies to help you build leads for your business.

Business Blogging From Our Web Design Warrington Team

Blogging is a fantastic way to draw Google’s attention.

An active blog can attract as much as 7 times more traffic when compared to an inactive blog.

But why does Google love blogging? Because Google likes fresh content, and gives importance to fresh, high quality content.

What’s more, you can establish yourself as an expert and build trust in your readers.

So what can you blog about? There are thousands of ideas.

First, identify your specialisation and your target audience.

If you are a builder, what’s your specialisation? Do you build community homes, apartments or custom homes? If you are an accountant, do you work with individuals or business owners?

Then think about ways you can provide value to your target customers.

If blogging doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, hire a web design Warrington agency to blog on your behalf.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a wonderful way to engage with your audience and kick-start brand centric conversations. Create a profile on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and set it up with bios and profile pictures. It would take no more than 10 minutes.

Next, share some interesting and useful content on your social media feed. For starters, you could share your blog posts, and some other useful articles that you audience may find helpful.

Don’t restrict yourself to text. Visual content is lot more popular on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like. Come up with videos and some original images to engage your audience.

By sharing high quality content, you can increase your followers, and then engage them in meaningful conversations to keep them hooked. Build a relationship and establish your authority and expertise.

The next time they need anything related to your industry, they will think about you before anything.

In Conclusion

So those are two exciting ways of generating some high quality leads from your accounting or builders website. If you are looking to hire a professional web design Warrington agency, talk to us today.



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