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Gamification as a Way to Improve UX
Gamification as a Way to Improve UX

Gamification as a Way to Improve UX

Gamification is a designing technique that utilizes gaming mechanics in a non-gaming context. This allows the enhancement of user engagement and interaction. To elaborate further, games have challenges that stimulate our critical thinking, which leads to us being interested in it more. If a website uses the concept of challenges, users would gain more enthusiasm in using it. For example, users would be rewarded if they visit the website for three consecutive days. The Gamification approach gives the users the notion that they are players in this environment, receiving rewards after doing the challenge.

Our website Warrington Web Design uses this concept to improve the feasibility and convenience of our users.

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Improving UX or User Experience

The improvement of user experience is the main focus in creating and designing websites. To be able to provide great convenience and a sense of entertainment is the goal of Warrington Web Design. Don’t get it wrong; gamification merely uses the concepts of gaming, but it is not entirely a gaming website. The gamification system includes leaderboards, points system, challenges, and badges. Users would most likely want to keep using the website, not because of the rewards and points they obtain, but the sense of challenge and motivation it gives them. Rewards give the users the sense of achievement they want.

The Factors of Gamification in Web Design

Challenges and Rewards

Engaging in challenges head-on compels users to finish it because of the achievement they gain if they succeed. Challenges are great tools for the improvement of user experience. Rewards motivate users. After all, who wouldn’t want to gain a prize after exerting their best? Usually, it’s the reward that makes us want to take on the challenges. It is a great positive reinforcement.


People unconsciously want to be in the first place, and having a leaderboard where they can view who’s currently on top can motivate them. Leaderboards also give the users recognition, which is what most aspire to have.


Providing the users introductions and steps that they can take to complete their tasks serve as a clear guideline for exploring your website. Simply speaking, the users are the ‘players’ of the game (website), and they have to go through a journey in order to engage on challenges (tasks) and gain rewards.

Application of gamification should be done properly and carefully so as to avoid giving the users a negative experience. It can serve as a valuable tool in elevating the number of users and improving user satisfaction. Warrington Web Design aims to provide these by giving our best in designing a website that attracts users and having an optimum system that gives them the highest satisfaction.

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