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Does Social Media Help My Website?
Does Social Media Help My Website?

Does Social Media Help My Website?

Social media activity has an immense impact on your website’s search rankings. Social media has changed the way we discover, consume and share content. Search engines consider social media as an important signal when ranking websites. In this article, our social media marketing Warrington team looks at the way social media impacts a website’s SEO.

Social Shares Improve Search Engine Visibility

Link building is a crucial ranking factor. Search engines determine the credibility of your website by looking at the number of websites linking to you. The higher the number of such links, the higher your credibility, and the better your rank in the results page.

Today, search engines look at how many times an article is shared on social platforms. So for instance, a link that’s tweeted several times has higher visibility as compared to a link that isn’t shared on social media.

Why is that so? Because it’s been shared several times, the search engines assume that the content must be good and relevant.

So be sure to share your best blog posts and pages on social media. This won’t just help gain traffic from your followers, but also from search engines in the long run. If you’re not sure how to go about it, hire a social media marketing Warrington agency to help.

Social Media Speeds Up Indexing

Search engines look towards social media platforms to not just display results but also to determine which content is fresh. So for instance, a link that has been tweeted gets indexed twice as quickly as compared to a link that hasn’t been tweeted at all.

The speed at which the content gets indexed depends on a variety of factors including the number of times it was retweeted, the influence of those who tweeted the link as well as the time when the link was shared.

Content that’s trending on social media is indexed a lot more quickly in search engines. After all, search engines want to show what’s trending and fresh. For best results, hire a professional social media marketing Warrington agency.

Local Search

Local search is critical to businesses with physical stores. Given the dramatic rise in use of mobile search, it helps to have a presence on location-based social platforms such as Yelp. Of course, you must ensure that your listing on Google has been updated to reflect all the locations where you have a presence.

Be sure to keep your profile updated and current to be considered highly relevant when users carry out location based searches.

Our Social Media Marketing Warrington Team Can Help

We specialise in social media marketing campaigns for small businesses. Get in touch with us today to discuss your social media strategy.



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