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What to Avoid: Most Common Keyword Planning Mistakes
What to Avoid: Most Common Keyword Planning Mistakes

What to Avoid: Most Common Keyword Planning Mistakes

There are lots of factors that you could possibly encounter which could entirely modify your keyword strategy. In order to know if you are doing the right things, here are some of the common mistakes which you need to avoid when it comes to keyword planning.

Search trends and singular and plural keywords

There are some keywords which have increasing search volume, decreasing search volume, and seasonal volume. In this case, you can be able to generalise these trends in order to make a sound decision about your target.

The Google results are not exactly similar for both the plural and singular form of the keywords. Furthermore, Google will not also tell you which is more popular between the singular or plural form of the keyword. However, Warrington SEO has a keyword planner that will give you these useful data.

Accurate results of Google Keywords Planner, keyword location and match types

Google Keyword Planner is probably the first keyword planner that you will use. If you sign up for an account in Google AdWords and try to search for a certain keyword, a wide range of monthly search volume results will appear. If you want to have a specific estimate, you need to have a running campaign in AdWords, but this could cost you an amount of money.

There are also instances wherein there’s a huge discrepancy between the numbers of results for a certain keyword between, for example, Warrington SEO keyword planner and Google keyword planner. This is because there are some keyword planners whose defaults are phrase match type or broad match type. Location is also another factor that you need to consider because there is another keyword planning tool whose default location is the entire world, and the other is only a certain country or state.

Long-tail keywords and page two in Google Results

Long-tail keywords are specific searches that normally get less traffic but could have a higher rate of conversion. There are other websites which do not target generic keywords but instead long-tail keywords which are specific. This is because other people want to have specific results from their specific searches.

Most of the people do not visit the second page of the search results in Google. If you are going to target a certain keyword, make sure that you can potentially be on the first page.

Insufficient research and judging keywords difficulty

There are some keyword tools that will show you the difficulty in ranking your keyword. With this, you need to have a thorough research about the backlinks of your potential competitors and examine their metrics. This will help you decide if you can compete with them or not. Warrington SEO will allow you to research these things.

Some keywords are more difficult to create links than the others. This is because some keyword tools, like that Warrington SEO uses, could put your keyword in the first page with higher page authorities (PA) than the others. With this, you could have a strategy wherein the people visiting a certain website could be rewarded with lots of links that could lead back to your own site using an anchor text.

Your goal and the new links of your competitors

It is so important to lay out clearly your SEO goals. With this, you can already assess the difficulty in achieving your specific goals. For instance, when talking about keyword difficulty, your goal could be getting into the first page and be among the top results.

It is normal to know the PA and links of your competitors and challenge yourself to beat them. However, you should also remember that your competitors are also building new links constantly.


Keyword planning is like playing chess. There are multiple available options, and it is impossible to know that you are certainly doing the right thing. All you need to do is to think outside the box, understand yourself, know your opponents, and then go for that reasonable move which you think is the best.



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