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Checklist for an SEO Friendly Website
Checklist for an SEO Friendly Website

Checklist for an SEO Friendly Website

Warrington Web Design is a design and marketing agency that has been offering Warrington SEO to businesses in the local area for many years.

We know that web design and SEO go hand in hand. There are many web designers and developers out there that will construct great looking, functional websites that simply do not rank well with search engines such as Google.

Why is this you might ask? They do not build websites with SEO in mind, it is merely an afterthought.

To help rectify this, we have put together a checklist for truly SEO friendly websites.

Mobile Responsiveness and SSL Certification

Number one and two on your checklist need to be ensuring that your website is mobile friendly and has an up to date SSL certificate.

Google recently made updates to its algorithms, they now not only optimise sites that are mobile friendly and SSL certified, but they also punish the websites that are not.

Aside from SEO purposes, not having a mobile-friendly website or an up to date SSL certificate can have a huge impact on your website’s bounce rate and conversion rate.

Speak to your Warrington SEO agency about making sure your website is mobile responsive and totally secure.

Make Sure Your Content is Readable and Well Structured  

Google may well love the content but something that Google is crazy about is well structured and easily readable content.

This means making sure that your content is error-free, includes headings and subheadings and includes keywords relating to your business.

Warrington Web Design employs in-house content writers that create content specifically for Google, if you need help crafting well written, readable and Google-friendly content, they are your guys.

Keep Load Times Down and Performance Levels Up  

Something that will impact your website’s SEO greatly is the load time of your pages and the website’s general performance.

Websites with long loading times and low-performance levels are penalised with faster-performing websites being favoured by Google.

Not only does a slow loading website impact your SEO, but it will also likely increase your site’s bounce rate.

Get in Touch with Your Warrington SEO Agency Today

Now that you have read our basic checklist for an SEO friendly website, get in touch today for help implementing our list and improving your website’s ranking amongst search engine results.

You can Reach us on: 01925 552050 or drop an email to info@warringtonwebt.wpengine.com 



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