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Characteristics Of A User-Friendly Website
Characteristics Of A User-Friendly Website

Characteristics Of A User-Friendly Website

When it comes to creating a website for your brand, it is pertinent that it is easily usable and navigable. This will ensure the performance of your website and also increase its success rate. When it comes to the website for Alex’s Bakery, you can pretty much see and experience how user-friendly the website is. In this post, you will know about the characteristics of a user-friendly website and how it allows for an awesome user experience. 

Compatibility with smartphone

There is no denying that every person owns a smartphone. So, when it comes to surfing the net, people will use their smartphones to do so. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website is smartphone-optimised. This way, people who visit your website can have a great user experience, just like Alex’s Bakery website. When your website is compatible with your smartphone, you can rest assured that it is user-friendly.

Easily scannable and readable content

When you are going through a website online, do you go through all of the text or just click on the easily scannable ones? If your answer is the latter, you are also one among the rest of the people who do exactly that! If your website does not have lengthy texts and is formatted in such a way that your readers can scan through it easily, congratulations! You have a user-friendly website. If you go through Alex’s Bakery website, you will notice how you can easily scan through the website and have all your needs fulfilled in a jiffy!

Navigation is key

Another important characteristic of a great user-friendly website is its effective navigation. Making sure that the navigation is cluster-free, you might also want to reduce the number of menu items on your website. This way, the people visiting your website don’t get confused and end up on another page altogether! On the Alex’s Bakery website, you can see how they have limited their text and made navigation easy. Whether you want to go for cupcakes, brownies, afternoon tea or cakes, navigation through the website is a breeze!

Use of a colour scheme

Using the right combination of colours will also allow for a great user-friendly experience. No one wants to go through a website that has dull, boring colours. And it is also a proven fact that the human brain automatically goes for brands that are recognisable. This design will allow the readers to go through the website easily. Making sure that the colours don’t contrast will also allow for a great reading experience! You can notice how Alex’s Bakery website has gone for a colour scheme that doesn’t contrast and is interesting and easy to read. 


If you are looking to give readers a seamless experience when they visit your website, you need to ensure that it contains all of the characteristics of a user-friendly website. This way, you can be ahead of your competitors and make your website even more successful! See how the local experts of web design in Warrington can help you.



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