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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Instagram hacks.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Instagram hacks.

Will your audience be aware of all the fantastic bargains you’re offering on Black Friday? Will they be interested in purchasing the items you’re selling?

Help ensure you show them the fantastic items you’re selling, then close the deal with a tremendous bargain when the time comes. Learning how to use Instagram to generate sales by creating a campaign that encourages customers to scroll and tap their way to purchasing from your business during the biggest online shopping weekend of the year.

Why Instagram of all social media platforms?

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms in existence. Its popularity is only behind Facebook when it comes to raw usage.

However, Facebook is slowly losing its millennial and Gen-Z userbase. Instagram is more condensed as a platform and serves the purpose of showcasing people’s lives in an easy-to-digest format compared to Facebook, attracting more millennials and Gen-Z to switch over.

Of course, other technical factors contribute to Instagram being great for ad campaigns –

  • Instagram users are constantly scrolling through their feeds
  • Adaptable medium
  • Dynamic ads

Foolproof hacks for an Instagram marketing

  1. Make use of the hashtag

Hashtags may be becoming less popular among users, but it’s still a driving force for capturing traffic to your page. But remember to create a custom hashtag. Otherwise, your posts will drown in the sea of hashtags that other people use.

Your followers will be able to access more information about your offers and sales if you group all of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday posts under one hashtag. With the option to follow a hashtag, you may ask your fans to check in frequently to catch any discounts that you roll out during the weekend. All year long, developing a solid hashtag strategy for your brand is critical to your Instagram growth and engagement levels.

  1. Use videos to engage with your followers

According to almost one-third of US mobile users, video is the most effective medium for discovering new items. Try to include video content in your Black Friday marketing plan during the weekend of the BFCM. You’ll be able to engage with customers through a medium they already trust implicitly while also showcasing your items.

  1. Showcase your most popular products’ user-generated content

If you have a standout product that often sells out, now is the time to highlight it in your Black Friday Instagram marketing posts. User-generated content (UGC), usually a post or Instagram story made by your followers and customers that you can then repost to your feed, is a fun method to achieve this.

  1. Use a promo code to surprise and excite your audience.

Drop promo codes during the holiday season as a way of showing your appreciation towards your customers. This is an excellent way to grow your bond with them and increase your customer base through your loyal followers.

Final word

You can make customers who have been waiting for Black Friday excited about your deals if you plan correctly. Ideally, you’ve been motivated to come up with some killer content for your Black Friday marketing campaign. Over the holiday, with a bit of forethought, ingenuity, and hands-on action, you’ll notice substantial gains in your Instagram engagement and company sales. For more information and help when marketing your festive sale season on Instagram, why not contact Warrington Web Design today?



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