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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: A guide for highly valued SEO keywords

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: A guide for highly valued SEO keywords

Without some shopping, a Holiday season would be incomplete. Millions of people hurry to get their hands on gifts for friends and family on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and throughout the Holiday shopping season. This necessitates retailers being prepared ahead of time. A great holiday SEO approach is one method to stand out for e-commerce business owners and marketers.

You can secure strong SERP rankings ahead of the competition by investing early in seasonal optimisation, allowing you to collect more visitors and convert more sales. So, let’s make the magic of search engine optimisation happen; at Warrington Web Design, our marketing team are here to help you boost your website traffic by optimising your holiday content and landing pages.

Search trends on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

A consumer survey indicated that more than half of consumers resorted to shopping online than in physical stores last year. Many factors, including the big pandemic, played a role that simply made online shopping a safer alternative for a large number of people.

In the month leading up to Black Friday, a large portion of your target audience will be looking for the best bargains on their favourite items. If you want your online store to appear at the top of the search results pages for these terms, you’ll need to start planning ahead of time.

Remember that there are a few fundamental search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that you must follow to appear at the top of a search engine results page. The same may be said of Holiday trends and flash deals. You’ll need to conduct extensive keyword research and obtain as many backlinks to your site as necessary to accomplish this.

Keyword research for SEO during the holidays

Keyword research is the first step in content optimisation. Three categories can help you get started in your SEO research for the holiday season:

  • Black Friday keywords
  • Cyber Monday keywords
  • Buzz keywords

The keywords listed above come with different metrics that can give you their value and competitiveness. A short breakdown of each metric is listed below:

  • Search volume

The number of monthly searches for a term is estimated using search volume. The more people Google it, the bigger the search volume.

  • Difficulty score

On a scale of 0 to 100, the difficulty score indicates how tough it is to fight for a position in the search results. The lower the score, the more easily Google may rank the keyword for.

  • SERP features

Other information blocks that show on search engine results pages (SERPs), all of which may divert visitors away from your organic links, are known as SERP features.

Keywords with high value for Black Friday

Here are some keywords that are the highest value for Black Friday

  1. Black Friday sales

Search volume – 122,000

Difficulty score – 83

SERP features – site links, Related questions, knowledge panel

  1. Best Black Friday deals

Search volume – 91,000

Difficulty score – 88

SERP features – site links, related questions

Keywords with high value for Cyber Monday

  1. Cyber Monday

Search volume – 637,000

Difficulty score – 78

SERP features – Related questions, site links, Knowledge panel

  1. Cyber Monday deals

Search volume – 239,000

Difficulty score – 76

SERP features – site links

For more information on high-value keywords relating to your business, why not contact Warrington Web Design today?



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