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Best SEO Methods to Use
Best SEO Methods To Use

Best SEO Methods to Use

Want to optimise your website to generate more traffic? Want to make it easy for the search engines so they know which keyword to rank your website for? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you’re about to learn some of the best SEO methods to use to optimise your website right from the horse’s mouth – our SEO marketing Warrington team.

Make Your URLs SEO Friendly

Be sure to insert your keywords in the URLs and file names. For instance, one of our keywords is SEO marketing Warrington, so we’d create a page and name it as below:


A file name with more than 3 hyphens might look spammy, and users might not be too willing to click on such links. Be sure to use hyphens when it comes to file names and URLs. Avoid using special characters such as underscores, symbols, brackets or commas. Hyphens are essentially treated as a space whereas underscores aren’t.

Use Heading Tags

Be sure to use heading tags to highlight headings, sub headings and other important segments of your pages and posts.

If your website is built in WordPress, the title tag is H1 by default. Be sure to use the H1 tag no more than once for each page.

To separate section breaks, use H2 and H3 tags. Be sure not to use too many of H2 or H3 tags as Google doesn’t like any hint of spam.

Internal Linking

Linking to pages and posts within your site is crucial for SEO as it creates your own little web of links. When Google’s spiders hit your website, they begin searching for links. So, if your pages have links pointing to other pages on the website, they will take these into account when ranking your site.

Moreover, it’s a great way to tell the search engines about the other pages on your site and which pages are important. It’s also a wonderful way to ensure visitors spend more time on your website.

High Quality, Original Content

A website that boasts of some killer content can do well for itself even in the absence of any other SEO strategy. However, poor quality content won’t take you anywhere even if you have the best SEO strategy in place.

Be sure to publish original content and ensure that it’s published on your website first.

If you use a lot of images and video, be sure to have enough descriptive text.

Lengthier articles tend to rank higher than short articles.

Our SEO Marketing Warrington Team Can Help

Need help ranking your website? Need a carefully crafted SEO strategy? We can help. Get in touch with us today for a free SEO consultation.



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