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Bad SEO tactics the will harm your ranking
Bad SEO tactics the will harm your ranking

Bad SEO tactics the will harm your ranking

There are some essential things you need to do to optimize your site to a minimum level according to a specialist from SEO Warrington. They include:

  • Ensure that you have Meta tags for both the keywords and descriptions
  • Each page of your website should have a unique title tag
  • All images in your site should have alt tags

These are just some of the essential things you should do to your site to start optimizing it. They are all considered harmless. However, according to SEO Warrington, as you continue with SEO topics, you are likely to come across methods that look effective but actually aren’t. You might be tempted, but they are risky and not worth it. They include:

Hidden Text

Hidden text is a bad thing to try. Human beings cannot easily view a white version having a white background. However, the robots can, and you are likely to get penalized in such a case. Bots depend on the source code of your site. Thus, texts having similar colours with the backgrounds raise the alarm.

Buying Links

This happens to be one of the highly debated issues. Is it not okay for you to boost your site out of obtaining links from another highly ranked site? On my side, I think it’s okay, however, this is not the case for Google. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase links, the biggest mistake, you are likely to make is buying many links which have similar keywords. If you have to buy links, make sure that they seem natural or else Google may put a hefty penalty on you.

Duplicate Content

This is another habit that google does not allow. Search engines are made to index only original content and not duplicates. When search engines come across some duplicated content, they are only likely to index one of them– the rest are labelled as a supplemental index. Doorway pages are also a bad thing to try.

Keyword Stuffing

Having an on-page SEO is critical; however, people argue that on page keyword are more critical than the keyword found in the Meta tag. Thus, it is not good for your site to have many keywords. There must be a balance. However, if you aim is to rank for a particular keyboard, the more time you use it, the more you rank for it. However, do not try to overdo this: try to keep your writing natural and suitably use the keywords. When you use them more often, your site may look spammy which is not good for the visitors to your site or the spiders that are meant to crawl your site. If you want more advice on this, get back to SEO Warrington.

Link Farms

Link farms tend to be those sites who artificially promote link popularity by use of link exchanges. Google is aware of these sites. They are further referred to as “bad neighbourhood” and can badly hurt your ranking. Participating in such schemes can make your site to get banned or a hefty penalty could be imposed on you.



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