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Are You Doing Enough to Market Your Business Online?
Are You Doing Enough to Market Your Business Online?

Are You Doing Enough to Market Your Business Online?

Warrington Web Design is a web design and marketing agency based in Birchwood, Cheshire that has been helping small right through to large scale businesses market themselves online.

Business is becoming more and more online orientated, the days of having a physical presence are slowly diminishing with businesses ditching traditional print based marketing and heading towards online and digital methods.

In this blog we intend to discuss online marketing and how it can be any businesses best friend.

Think About Your Own Business

Quickly ask yourself- ‘are you doing enough to market your business online?’

Do you have a website or Facebook page? The chances are you will and that is a great start to developing your online presence.

However, having an effective, engaging website and a relevant Facebook page are two easy ways to improve your relationship with customers and increase sales.

Below we are going to list a few areas of online marketing that you should consider investing your time and money into in order to see results.

On Page Marketing

Your website is not just a way for customers to learn about your organisation, you should see it as a method and platform for selling your service.

This means ensuring that the text and copy on your site is written well, engaging and persuasive.

Warrington Web Design help customers achieve this, with our in house content writers crafting well written pages with the intention of selling.

As well as website copy, on page promotions can hugely help you sell special offers and attract interest to your product.

These can be in the form of graphics or sliding animated images, the choice is all yours!

Integrate Your social Media Accounts

Social media is brilliant for so many reasons, one of the obvious is the fact that it is free. This means that any business can take full advantage of the medium but what many businesses do not consider is cross platform integration.

Warrington Web Design build full integrated websites as well as social media accounts, this means that all platforms work together in harmony to build a cohesive user experience, drive further traffic and build a brand identity for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ever hopped on Google, searched and tried to find your own business Facebook page only to notice a bunch of different businesses are above you?

Search engine optimisation is the online marketing practice that allows you to boost your own website’s ranking amongst search engine results.

In the past, this type of marketing was almost exclusively for business owners with huge budgets but in recent years it has become more and more accessible for all.

Speak to Warrington Web Design about how you can use SEO to help your business.

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If you want to improve your organisation’s marketing through online methods, speak to Warrington Web Design today.

Our web designers, content writers and online marketers are here to help you develop your business digitally.

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